How to Use Social Media Analytics to Win a Civil Trial?

This past week we secured 2 wins for law firms that used our social media analytics solutions to prove their position during trials, and in the near future we see how the fusion of AI with the legal industry will continue to become more important. In the meantime, we...

The Dangers of ChatGPT & Confidential Info: Understanding Human in the Loop Systems

Sometimes everything in life feels fine and dandy then things come out of nowhere that totally change the game – cell phones, the internet, etc. – that promise a new future, which many people grasp onto, though in the end they didn’t think about or weren’t informed on the potential downsides. This post will hit on that.

Behavioral Analysis: Reverse Engineering High School

There are foundational parts of our lives that truly make us who we are today and high school along with college play key roles in that, while at the same time create the building blocks of who we’ll be in the future.

How Global Conflicts Spark Social Engineering Schemes: Spotting the Wolves

Whether you’re in the financial, marketing, security or other spaces and seeing phishing attempts to compete with the bait you have in the water, there will always be sharks lurking around the corner which can apply to a multitude of things ranging from a nightmare customer stepping in the door tomorrow to complain about their chicken sandwich to a former employee doing something catastrophic.

How is AI Used in Venture Capital? Our Experience Deploying Solutions

When most people think of venture capital firms their mind goes towards investments and where they deploy their capital – for example in AI companies – however one of the common questions we get after guiding some of the top VC firms and hedge funds on their deal flow is around how VCs are using AI themselves.

Social Media Analytics Tools for Finance: Powering Global Institutions

Over the years we have guided a wide variety of financial institutions ranging from venture capitalists to hedge funds with billions of dollars under management, and this post hits on some of the ways social media analytics tools play a key role in the financial space today and will continue to in the future.

Social Media Threats to Businesses: A Common Problem Today

We are living in a world that’s driven by social media and unfortunately businesses often find themselves in tough situations where social media isn’t the positive, happy place we all imagine but instead a channel where unhappy customers, former employees, etc. can spill the beans with no filter. And many times that creates threats to businesses whether that relates to their brand reputation or employee safety and so much more.

User-Generated Content on Gaming Platforms: The New Threat Landscape?

Our research indicates that gaming platforms will continue to be one of the most common vehicles for delivering online threats based on user-generated content (UGC) and we will be releasing more insights on this in the coming months.

Social Media Threats in 2024: A Quick Breakdown of Trends, Prevention & More

This blog post touches on some of the most critical issues in the world today especially when it comes to social media threats in 2024 and how detect then prevent them.

How Do You Identify Misinformation on Social Media? A Challenge Today

With everything going on in the world the importance of discovering misinformation on social media is critical and this post touches on how finding what’s behind the curtain is key, especially when looking at the intentional smoke and mirrors.

The world is an interesting place today and nobody could have predicted the floods that are occurring in Las Vegas now and affecting a wide variety of casinos, hotels, restaurants and other businesses. We have been using our deep learning AI ecosystem to understand what’s happening in the moment and thought we’d drop a quick post outlining the issues arising and ways companies can correct them as soon as possible. Clearly weatherRead More
The world is evolving at a rapid pace and part of that evolution includes social media playing a key role in our daily lives whether it’s around influencing what we buy or things happening behind the scenes like social media analytics being used in the legal space to uncover critical insights for class action lawsuits. For the biggest class action lawsuits, firms spend a ridiculous amount of money on TV commercials, GoogleRead More
Our main focus is on delivering enterprise social media analytics and business intelligence solutions using our patented deep learning ecosystem, and it’s exciting when we uncover game-changing trends along the way. In particular, how Spotify is making moves by integrating AI to improve their user experiences. For example, imagine being very interested in indie music and each time you want to save a song you’ve found, including from the Discover Weekly breakdown,Read More
Following Instagram’s progress over the years has been a wild ride ranging from how the platform exploded in the early days to the ways they took inspiration from Snapchat and others along the way, and based on our research/data it’s exciting to see that Instagram is finally rolling out 60-second stories to the masses. Though the idea floated around months ago and was tested on a small sampling of accounts at first,Read More
We are living in volatile times where social media drives everything from what we’re going to eat today to where people invest their money and, looking back, the GameStop short squeeze is a prime example of the power of social media and also the need for social media analytics solutions that fuse data from various sources to uncover what’s behind the curtains. This goes back to the main point: If X hedgeRead More
Food is a language everyone speaks around the world and it’s cool to see how social media has impacted the food industry over the past 15 years ranging from marketing tactics being implemented to the ways food companies analyze conversations on social media, and this post touches on 3 of the most common ways we see restaurant chains using social media analytics. First and foremost, the iconic quote from Sun Tzu comesRead More
Throughout our lives there are outside forces – many of which we can’t control – that either impact us directly or tangentially, and it’s interesting to see how certain behaviors become normal based on pop culture, society and other factors. Though on the other hand, there are behaviors that stand out because they drastically deviate from the norm. Imagine teleporting yourself to the California Gold Rush in the mid-1800s where everyone isRead More
We are living in a social media world where trends drive behaviors and what’s most interesting to us is not riding the wave, but instead understanding where and why such waves occur in the first place. This applies to everything from the Popeyes chicken sandwich craze to the epic GameStop short squeeze that will live on forever. Imagine looking at a shiny object like a stunning diamond ring in the window ofRead More
The world has been a crazy place lately to say the least, and as pioneers in the social media space it’s sad to see what was first such a positive gateway into the digital universe become a trap that leads to people doubting themselves, basing their behaviors on others, and going to extremes which can include everything from teenagers committing suicide because of online bullying to mass shootings at schools, workplaces, etc.Read More
Looking at a current trial in the news related to a former pirate and his ex-wife which has been generating tons of buzz on social media, it made us think about expert witness testimony we’ve given in the past and in particular how it’s critical to not only understand someone’s qualifications before choosing them as your expert witness, but more importantly how they present themselves in front of a courtroom/jury. This bringsRead More
Yet again we have seen evil rear its ugly head and innocent children with big futures are no longer with us physically but will live on forever. Though this keeps happening, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it comes down to understanding behaviors on social media and noticing when someone shows the earliest cries for help that, if ignored, can spiral into much more. Thinking back toRead More
Looking back in time it’s interesting to see how things evolved from listening to the annoying sounds of modems connecting in the ‘90s to WiFi changing the game then smartphones and social media eventually taking over the world. It has been a wild ride. And while cruising on our magic carpet and analyzing behaviors/data we realized a major roadblock that has proven itself time and time again: Social media is like theRead More
Looking at the trajectory of social media over time it’s interesting how social networks evolved from being a platform for people to communicate to a resource for gathering some of the most critical, near real-time insights that could either create big issues for corporations or uncover valuable opportunities. Like a pinball machine where you’re waiting for the next ball to drop then find the best way to guide/navigate its direction in theRead More
Imagine going down a path that’s beautiful with flowers blooming, nature thriving, then you start to see signs of something bad on the horizon – social media posts that are cause for concern, disrupting your happiness and you become worried about the future. Fast-forward to today, social media analytics are the driving force behind near real-time threat detection whether it be people complaining about a fast food restaurant selling out of chickenRead More
With social media taking over our everyday lives the legal industry has been forced to adapt recently, especially when it comes to the ways social media applies to personal injury cases by giving attorneys/firms the ability to capture key insights in the moment as opposed to scrambling to find nuggets of information from the past. There are 2 key aspects of social media analytics that all law firms must know because theyRead More
From detecting signs before catastrophic events occur to finding those in need after the fact and everything in between, the power of truly understanding the behaviors and linguistics behind social media posts is critical for a variety of reasons. Whether we’re looking at individuals going through a tough time and expressing such on social media as a way to ask for help (for those that listen) or issues that surface around globalRead More
Imagine having the power to see things on the horizon as opposed to when they reach the front door and, when they do, you are equipped to handle whatever rears its ugly head. Look at how the Ring doorbell took off after appearing on Shark Tank before being acquired by Amazon for $1B and think about having those same capabilities when it comes to making sense of social media conversations.  Actionable, valuableRead More
From reinventing the way we make payments online to the cars we drive today, exploring the universe and ways to colonize it while also looking at what lies beneath us, Elon Musk is known for making moves. And his recent endeavor to acquire Twitter is something we’ve been watching closely, especially as it relates to social media analytics.  What’s most exciting for us, and why we jive with Elon’s mindset, is howRead More
Imagine sitting at your desk having a normal day then things take a turn for the worst and you just can’t understand what’s happening in the moment. Then you find yourself scrambling to discover solutions to problems that, if detected earlier, could’ve been mitigated. Welcome to the crazy world of risk management.  Risks to companies rear their ugly heads in a variety of ways and spotting signs early on is critical becauseRead More
The power of social media is never-ending and with our Founder having deep roots in the entertainment space, especially when it comes to how social media plays a key role, we thought it would be helpful to get his thoughts then drop this post.  Looking at the world today compared to even 10 years ago, it’s interesting to see how the focus of talent agencies has shifted – almost like a seesawRead More
Looking back in time it’s interesting to see how the Industrial Revolution, which was essentially based on the progression of technology, totally transformed the world as we know it today. And turning the clock forward, Human-in-the-Loop systems/workflows are paving the way for the future.  Since the early days of social media analytics the biggest challenge has been around understanding the true intention of posts, their overall meaning, who’s behind the scenes, andRead More
The world is changing rapidly and social media now plays a key role in all aspects of our daily lives, and most recently it has had a profound impact on the insurance industry not only from a marketing perspective but also when it comes to gathering data around particular claims. And this is important in a few ways.  For one, social networks have adapted with the times and the focus on userRead More
We recently posted about the importance of social media risk assessment aimed at finding potential threats on the horizon versus when they reach the front door, and many times companies just don’t know where to turn for help after they’ve exhausted all internal resources. This post sheds light on the value of social media risk consultants and how opening your eyes to the big picture leads to better understanding your particular slice. Read More
It has been interesting to see human behaviors evolve over time ranging from the days of the Industrial Revolution to social media now forcing us all to see the world in a new light, and at the same time like a magic trick hiding behind the curtains, social media reveals everything.  This leads into the triggers that make people do the things they do, and why we are many times driven byRead More
Imagine traveling on the Shinkansen (bullet train in Japan) flying across epic landscapes at up to 200 mph while trying to process everything you’re seeing as a human – it’s just not possible. And that brings up interesting questions around how much social media data can the human brain process in near real-time and also what is retained from the past?  Years ago I spoke at a conference about a food safetyRead More
Take a step back and think about your daily life and how social media ties into pretty much everything nowadays – a trajectory that has taken place over the past 15+ years – and recently the legal industry, which sometimes has been slow to accept change, is finally seeing the light.  The reality is that many cases today ranging from civil to criminal have some aspect of social media tied to them,Read More
Social media is a driving force behind many aspects of our daily lives and because of that companies are facing the wrath of risks spiraling out of control on social media, and need the right expertise and analytics tools to make sense of everything before small things become major problems. We have been in the social media analytics game since the early days when Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and others were first born,Read More
Views on Instagram stories used to be predictable and recently they’ve become much more dynamic/volatile with the number of story views bouncing all over the place, which is causing people and companies to question what they’re doing wrong.  However, with volatility we eventually find stability, and see where things are headed. For the most part it’s not companies doing something wrong, but instead them freaking out about algorithm changes they have noRead More
The world is a wild place today and it’s interesting how things on both ends of the spectrum – from negatives that can create big issues for companies to the positives that boost sales overnight – create volatility and a fear of the unknown. And in guiding a variety of companies we wanted to touch on this.  First and foremost, when looking at risks derived from social media then assessing them, understandingRead More
The world is an ever-evolving place ranging from podcasts first surfacing and floating above the water for many years before recently blasting off to social media behaviors that have also changed with the times. And today, it’s the smallest snippets that create the biggest impact. Take a step back and think about it: Now that social media has taken over our everyday lives and many of us are glued to our phones,Read More
As humans, it’s interesting to take a step back and think about how things have changed over time ranging from the old school Blockbuster days renting VHS tapes to video content now available online at the click of a button. And today, the world is a different place due to social media.  From global conflicts being driven by social media to Fortune 500 companies relying on social data to make critical decisionsRead More
Social media was once such an innocent, positive place in the digital world where humans could come together as one and connect based on common interests, but today it has turned into the Wild West for the good and for the worst. When you take a step back and really think about it, if a thought pops into your head now you have the ability to share it within seconds then potentiallyRead More
We are living in a magical world where with the stroke of a wand the social media universe shifts either for the good or for the worst, and though misinformation on social media has been a problem for 15+ years it’s more prevalent now than ever. Going back to the early days where social media originated, message boards (forums) then multiplayer games were some of the first examples of people connecting onlineRead More
We are living in a world full of surprises and the past few years have shown that, and while sometimes it feels like chaos, large companies (Fortune 500s, Global 2000s) still need the ability to understand what’s happening in the moment. And more importantly, what’s to come.  Looking at the early days of social media when it was purely a hub to connect with friends, loved ones and other like-minded individuals, itRead More
The world is a wild place today with social media driving everything from global conflicts to the food you’ll be having for dinner tonight, and it’s cool to see how something so powerful was shunned in the early days and thought of as a fad, but now runs our daily lives.  On the flip side, the inner-workings of social networks – the algorithms that drive everything behind the scenes – is aRead More
The world is changing by the day and it’s interesting how certain trends take off that are many times fueled by social media – and we wonder what’s going on behind the scenes? This can be everything from birria tacos creating waves to the recent spike in smash-and-grab robberies that’s creating problems for brands, retailers and malls throughout the U.S. As innovators in the early days of social media that guided theRead More
The world is a wild place today ranging from cryptocurrency creating waves to the concept of a Metaverse taking over, which is an ingenious step towards fusing data to create new, supernatural experiences.  When it comes to the Metaverse, ranging from understanding what it is on a simple level to buying properties, etc. it’s truly the future. But also important to understand today as things evolve quickly In many ways the MetaverseRead More
Over the past 3-5 days we’ve noticed a significant decrease in story views on our accounts as well as clients, and had a feeling Instagram was up to something, so we launched tests to gauge what exactly is going on. We first created models in our platform aimed at detecting language around Instagram story views being down then sucked in hundreds of thousands of data points from Instagram, Reddit, Twitter and otherRead More
Since day one food has been one of the hottest topics on social media ranging from photos of epic seafood feasts going viral to catchy, colorful foods like bagels and the iconic Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks blowing up the internet. However, there’s a new trend brewing: People eating at the worst reviewed restaurants in their cities and sharing their experiences online. Over the past month YouTube has been flooded with videos showingRead More
The days of relying on artists and developers spending months to develop virtual worlds for games, AR/VR and other purposes may be coming to an end: At the NeurIPS artificial intelligence conference in Montreal last week Nvidia showcased their ability to use deep learning combined with dash cam videos to create virtual cities, which can valuable in a variety of ways. One of the most exciting things about this announcement, as Engadget mentioned,Read More