Google MUM Algorithm in 2023: Our Insights and Predictions

As artificial intelligence continues to take over it should be no surprise that Google’s MUM algorithm and the waves it’s creating will have an everlasting impact on the world as we know it, though AI is still so foreign to many and truly understood by few.

Social Media Threats in 2023: What You Should Expect

Yet again we are faced with a new year and many unknowns, though one thing we know based on our research is that social media threats will continue to rise in 2023 and the proliferation of extreme behaviors today is many times driven by social media activity from the past.

Adding Topics to Instagram Reels: What Does it Do?

The world of artificial intelligence has evolved rapidly over the years and it’s interesting to see how Human-in-the-Loop systems continue to play an integral role in algorithms implemented by Instagram and other social networks along with the world as a whole.

What are Social Media Threats? A Quick Breakdown

Our team has spent over 20 years guiding some of the biggest companies in the world on social media initiatives and unfortunately while on those journeys we noticed the dark side of social networks, what’s hiding behind the scenes, and ultimately what’s looming on the horizon.

Social Media Analytics for Brand Reputation Management, Integrity

Think about living in a glass house where the smallest storm can wreak havoc and that’s exactly what companies are facing today in the world of social media: One rogue post snowballs then impacts sales, brand reputation, market caps, etc.

Can Deep Learning Uncover Social Media Threats? Understanding the Future

When social media first entered the world it was an innocent place where people could digitally connect, discuss common interests, build online communities and in many ways develop a support system. Though with the progression of social media and behaviors becoming aggressive/threatening, the times have truly changed.

Social Media Crisis/Incident Management Services: Solving Problems in the Moment

Like a special forces team parachuting from the digital world down to earth then descending on an objective to solve a specific problem, it’s imperative for companies to have social media crisis management and incident response plans in place that not only implement technology (AI, etc.) to identify issues in the moment, but also provide a way to respond and fix things immediately.

Hedge Fund Social Media Analytics: Using Data to Win

Looking at the world and how it evolved over time, especially in recent history, it’s exciting to see how artificial intelligence (deep learning in particular) is totally changing the way we interact on social media, the content we watch on Netflix, results we see in Google and so much more.

Mitigating School Shootings/Violence: Our Research on Development, Education

The world is an interesting place that is rapidly evolving over time and we have to think positive and focus on solutions, which is what sparked our research aimed at solving problems around school shootings/violence over the past 20 years.

Social Media Analysis/Experts for Class Actions: The Secret Sauce

The world is an interesting place today where social media drives everything from happiness to tragedy and having the ability to understand social media conversations on a large scale then find needles in haystacks is critical, especially when it relates to class...
Social media is a driving force behind many aspects of our daily lives and because of that companies are facing the wrath of risks spiraling out of control on social media, and need the right expertise and analytics tools to make sense of everything before small things become major problems. We have been in the social media analytics game since the early days when Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and others were first born,Read More
Views on Instagram stories used to be predictable and recently they’ve become much more dynamic/volatile with the number of story views bouncing all over the place, which is causing people and companies to question what they’re doing wrong.  However, with volatility we eventually find stability, and see where things are headed. For the most part it’s not companies doing something wrong, but instead them freaking out about algorithm changes they have noRead More
The world is a wild place today and it’s interesting how things on both ends of the spectrum – from negatives that can create big issues for companies to the positives that boost sales overnight – create volatility and a fear of the unknown. And in guiding a variety of companies we wanted to touch on this.  First and foremost, when looking at risks derived from social media then assessing them, understandingRead More
The world is an ever-evolving place ranging from podcasts first surfacing and floating above the water for many years before recently blasting off to social media behaviors that have also changed with the times. And today, it’s the smallest snippets that create the biggest impact. Take a step back and think about it: Now that social media has taken over our everyday lives and many of us are glued to our phones,Read More
As humans, it’s interesting to take a step back and think about how things have changed over time ranging from the old school Blockbuster days renting VHS tapes to video content now available online at the click of a button. And today, the world is a different place due to social media.  From global conflicts being driven by social media to Fortune 500 companies relying on social data to make critical decisionsRead More
Social media was once such an innocent, positive place in the digital world where humans could come together as one and connect based on common interests, but today it has turned into the Wild West for the good and for the worst. When you take a step back and really think about it, if a thought pops into your head now you have the ability to share it within seconds then potentiallyRead More
We are living in a magical world where with the stroke of a wand the social media universe shifts either for the good or for the worst, and though misinformation on social media has been a problem for 15+ years it’s more prevalent now than ever. Going back to the early days where social media originated, message boards (forums) then multiplayer games were some of the first examples of people connecting onlineRead More
We are living in a world full of surprises and the past few years have shown that, and while sometimes it feels like chaos, large companies (Fortune 500s, Global 2000s) still need the ability to understand what’s happening in the moment. And more importantly, what’s to come.  Looking at the early days of social media when it was purely a hub to connect with friends, loved ones and other like-minded individuals, itRead More
The world is a wild place today with social media driving everything from global conflicts to the food you’ll be having for dinner tonight, and it’s cool to see how something so powerful was shunned in the early days and thought of as a fad, but now runs our daily lives.  On the flip side, the inner-workings of social networks – the algorithms that drive everything behind the scenes – is aRead More
The world is changing by the day and it’s interesting how certain trends take off that are many times fueled by social media – and we wonder what’s going on behind the scenes? This can be everything from birria tacos creating waves to the recent spike in smash-and-grab robberies that’s creating problems for brands, retailers and malls throughout the U.S. As innovators in the early days of social media that guided theRead More
The world is a wild place today ranging from cryptocurrency creating waves to the concept of a Metaverse taking over, which is an ingenious step towards fusing data to create new, supernatural experiences.  When it comes to the Metaverse, ranging from understanding what it is on a simple level to buying properties, etc. it’s truly the future. But also important to understand today as things evolve quickly In many ways the MetaverseRead More
Over the past 3-5 days we’ve noticed a significant decrease in story views on our accounts as well as clients, and had a feeling Instagram was up to something, so we launched tests to gauge what exactly is going on. We first created models in our platform aimed at detecting language around Instagram story views being down then sucked in hundreds of thousands of data points from Instagram, Reddit, Twitter and otherRead More
Since day one food has been one of the hottest topics on social media ranging from photos of epic seafood feasts going viral to catchy, colorful foods like bagels and the iconic Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks blowing up the internet. However, there’s a new trend brewing: People eating at the worst reviewed restaurants in their cities and sharing their experiences online. Over the past month YouTube has been flooded with videos showingRead More
The days of relying on artists and developers spending months to develop virtual worlds for games, AR/VR and other purposes may be coming to an end: At the NeurIPS artificial intelligence conference in Montreal last week Nvidia showcased their ability to use deep learning combined with dash cam videos to create virtual cities, which can valuable in a variety of ways. One of the most exciting things about this announcement, as Engadget mentioned,Read More
We are living in a world where social media reigns king and the experiences customers have – whether good or bad – are immediately voiced on social networks and therefore have a tremendous impact on brands which leaves companies searching for ways to improve customer service. But in reality, it’s not that difficult. The first thing companies must do to succeed in improving the experiences their customers have in-store, online or overRead More
Just as the sun rises in the morning and sets in the afternoon, businesses open shop and close at the end of the day, but when it comes to the food industry people feast on all sorts of goodies 24/7, and because of that the lights are always on. However, many food companies struggle with monitoring social media (things people love, complaints, food safety issues, etc.) during the day and even moreRead More
When most people think of celebrities, social media influencers and the entertainment scene in general Los Angeles proper comes to mind, but in recent years Calabasas and Hidden Hills have become magical destinations attracting influencers from around the world for a variety of reasons. But why? I myself was born and raised in Los Angeles which inherently comes with being tied to the entertainment industry in some way (business, friends, the aspiringRead More
One of the most effective ways businesses have leveraged advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) to drive value has been in the customer experience (CX) space by using technology to improve customer relations, identify potential customer service issues before they spiral out of control, and to ultimately form relationships that continue to live on and drive revenue for years to come. More recently, especially given the rise of social media and use ofRead More
The concept of artificial intelligence humanoids taking over the world has been a recurring theme in science fiction movies for decades, and with recent advancements in AI, particularly deep learning, the fears are becoming even more real. But should we be scared? Before you jump out of your seat and run for the hills – and stop reading this post – no, you should not be scared. What you should be isRead More
Ever since the rise of the internet and more recently social media in particular, people and organizations have struggled with maintaining a positive online reputation due to things they are actually responsible for and many other times total fallacies spread online to cause damage (negative reviews from competitors, fake news, etc.). Having spent the past 10+ years getting frantic calls for help from large organizations when social media issues spiral out ofRead More
We are often asked what the best social media monitoring tool on the market is and thought we’d make a quick blog post outlining how there isn’t one particular solution that reigns king, but instead a variety of solutions with different functionality and being “the best” comes down to what you’re looking to get out of the tool. As with most things in life, labeling something the best is often subjective, thoughRead More
Having spent over 10 years guiding large organizations from around I’ve always been surprised at how big (and often costly) decisions for the future were made primarily based on industry studies of the past instead of taking a more blended approach that integrates current metrics from social media. But luckily the times are changing! As a perfect example, the food space is constantly evolving and trends on social media rapidly influence consumerRead More
As big proponents and practitioners of deep learning we keep close tabs on the market and the recent announcement from FLIR Systems describing their new family of deep learning-enabled FLIR Firefly® cameras is very exciting not only for the cool tech, but also because it’s continuing to push the envelope. Deep learning is the future. Having spent the past 15 years guiding everything from global automotive companies to food brands I’ve found thatRead More
Since the inception of social networks they’ve been a window into the outside world while also serving as a medium for current and future friends to connect. They’re a magical place but also come with some downsides, especially for large companies intent on maintaining an immaculate brand image. The fact is, social media is just that – social – and it’s one of the first places people go to voice their opinions onRead More
The new iPhone Xs and Xs Max have finally arrived after much anticipation, and while most people are focused on the amazing new camera, beautiful screens, etc. we have been geeking out about the iPhone’s machine learning features, which were highlighted in a recent announcement. According to Apple, “The next-generation Neural Engine is built for advanced machine learning in everything from photography to augmented reality. A new eight-core design allows it to completeRead More
The world is changing quicker than you can imagine with artificial intelligence taking over all aspects of everyday life, including driving a wide variety of business decisions ranging from gathering insights before developing new products to identifying issues that need to be addressed ASAP. What’s most interesting is that even though the concept (and early iterations) of artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for decades, it wasn’t until the last 5 yearsRead More
If a picture is worth a thousand words imagine how valuable a video is – especially a 1-hour video – and Instagram recently shocked the tech world by rolling out IGTV, which couldn’t have come at a better time. This is a drastic shift for the platform but one that’s definitely headed in the right direction. For many years YouTube has been the go-to place for both sharing and exploring videos, butRead More
Large companies throughout the world rely on a wide variety of data being ingested then correlated to produce insights that guide business decisions, but many forget to realize that social media is often where news first breaks and trends can be spotted early on. Above and beyond that, there’s a galaxy of social media insights you never knew existed. Imagine being a Fortune 100 company with a ridiculous amount of data comingRead More
If you don’t live under a rock you’re probably familiar with (and hopefully a fan of) The X-Files, and in a recent episode, titled “Rm9sbG93ZXJz,” common fears of artificial intelligence (AI) were brought to light beginning with a dark yet true story about Microsoft’s AI chatbot that launched in 2016. “Tay” was designed as an experiment to better understand how humans interact on social media but quickly became offensive, racist, and hateful, whichRead More
If you are in high school or college and have heard all of the buzz around Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, there’s a good chance you’re intrigued by the technology and have considered taking courses or maybe even getting a degree in AI whether it’s machine learning, deep learning or other subsets of the field. And if you haven’t considered it, you must! In this day and age AI, more specificallyRead More
Social media is like a tap of golden data that when opened can unlock a wide variety of value for organizations ranging from discovering trends that impact shipping and logistics or complaints that directly indicate hardware or infrastructure issues. Social media is becoming so much more than a medium to communicate and will play a critical role in guiding businesses in the future, especially since technologies used to analyze social conversations haveRead More
Over the years the rivalry between search engines has been fierce with Google clearly leading the pack, but Microsoft’s recent investment in deep learning and collaboration with Intel to improve the capabilities of Bing is very promising. Just a few days ago Microsoft announced the release of new intelligent search features that use artificial intelligence (AI) to provide people with more comprehensive answers, faster. One of the new features is something people have beenRead More
Dating back to the 1950s scientists have been intrigued by creating artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that mimic the human brain, however mythical it may sound, and today we are living in a time when something you’d typically see in a Hollywood movie has actually come to life. And it’s a beautiful thing. I will admit, and older technology folks can attest to this, for nearly 70 years AI has been an areaRead More
Since we began this journey back in 2013 the Soteria Intelligence website has gone through a variety of iterations, and we are excited to announce our new look and feel. The main objective was to take something as complex as artificial intelligence (AI), specifically machine learning, and simmer it down into illustrations that tell a story. The image on top of our homepage (Trained by Humans, Powered by Supercomputers) is a primeRead More
We are excited to announce the expansion of Soteria Intelligence’s team with John Mutch coming aboard as Executive Chairman where he will use his 30-years of experience in the technology space to guide company growth, including expanding into new verticals as well as the development of new machine learning solutions. A new adventure begins! Mr. Mutch adds tremendous value to the team having been the CEO of HNC Software, a leading enterpriseRead More
With most things in life there’s a learning curve whether it be riding a bicycle or becoming a lawyer, and there’s a point where the haziness subsides, the sun comes out, and you can bask in clarity. After studying social media for the past 15 years, which has been both a challenge and an adventure, it’s exciting for me to be using that experience to lead the Soteria Intelligence team. Here’s whatRead More
Having grown up in the heart of Los Angeles I’ve had the opportunity to experience the entertainment industry firsthand ranging from childhood friends that became big successes to working in-house for a billion-dollar celebrity brand, and in recent years the industry has seen a few big shifts which I’ll cover in this post. In the 1990s, the rise of the internet drastically changed content delivery and marketing as we know it, butRead More
Almost daily we are reminded of just how important social media threat intelligence is ranging from incidents that spiral out of control and end up impacting corporations in a variety of ways to insights gleaned from social media that can help prevent issues from occurring in the future, such as detecting product defects early on. At Soteria Intelligence, we’ve made it our mission to develop the most cutting edge social media threatRead More
In the past few months the world has been taken over by creepy clowns trying to scare people for fun, threaten them, and even cause harm. What began as a group of small incidents and subsequent copy cats has spiraled into a worldwide craze where creepy, scary clowns are securing news headlines from Los Angeles, California to Zurich, Switzerland. The reason this problem has become so serious, like many others in theRead More
Looking at the history of mankind spanning thousands of years, hatred was always present and people have been persecuted for a wide variety of reasons up until this day, but in recent times hate has been digitized and weaponized with the rise of social media. And that’s unacceptable to us. One of the biggest roadblocks organizations (public companies, etc.) face when attempting to detect then combat hateful material found on social networksRead More