We are living in volatile times where social media drives everything from what we’re going to eat today to where people invest their money and, looking back, the GameStop short squeeze is a prime example of the power of social media and also the need for social media analytics solutions that fuse data from various sources to uncover what’s behind the curtains.

This goes back to the main point: If X hedge fund tried to make a move around GameStop and saw Y brewing on the horizon – like people rallying against them on social media – by discovering those behaviors in the moment they could’ve mitigated the damage and maybe even flipped the script in their favor before suffering massive losses. Information is your friend.

It all comes down to having the ability to understand conversations as they happen and extract what’s most important, which is what we specialize in and secured a utility patent on: Using deep learning (AI) to create automated alerts/evaluations from social media and other data (blogs, news, radio, TV, etc.) in near real-time.

For years we have been standing on the mountain shouting about the importance of social media data as it relates to the financial industry, and as time goes on we see more and more situations – like the GameStop short squeeze – where actionable insights could have either saved or generated millions.

This touches on the tip of the iceberg and if you’re a hedge fund focused on winning let’s connect and explore what’s possible.