It has been interesting to see human behaviors evolve over time ranging from the days of the Industrial Revolution to social media now forcing us all to see the world in a new light, and at the same time like a magic trick hiding behind the curtains, social media reveals everything. 

This leads into the triggers that make people do the things they do, and why we are many times driven by either memories from the past that gradually made us who we are today or more traumatic experiences that forced us to adapt quickly – or a combination of the two. 

Transforming that mindset into understanding social media behaviors on a large scale – and most importantly true intentions – by seeing why people did/said things in the first place you can capitalize on that in the moment and influence change in the future. 

Imagine having the power to first see steps 1-10 = X then consistently everyone who hits steps 2 and 3 over a large sampling of data produce the same result. Now you know where to focus your energy. 

The times are changing and we’re rolling out new insights around ways enterprise companies are using our patented deep learning ecosystem to uncover what’s around the next turn.