With social media taking over our everyday lives the legal industry has been forced to adapt recently, especially when it comes to the ways social media applies to personal injury cases by giving attorneys/firms the ability to capture key insights in the moment as opposed to scrambling to find nuggets of information from the past.

There are 2 key aspects of social media analytics that all law firms must know because they will create roadblocks for you in the future:

1) Social networks have strict policies around the data they deliver to third-party companies, and if someone deletes a post or makes their account private that data is no longer available, so getting insights as things happen is critical

2) If a personal injury case is filed and an individual or company receives notice of such, there’s a good chance they will be advised to make their social media accounts private immediately while also deleting anything incriminating beforehand.

As a personal injury law firm, if a case comes in that has true merit you better capture everything you possibly can from social media while the data is still available. After that, you’ll be in the dark.