The power of social media is never-ending and with our Founder having deep roots in the entertainment space, especially when it comes to how social media plays a key role, we thought it would be helpful to get his thoughts then drop this post. 

Looking at the world today compared to even 10 years ago, it’s interesting to see how the focus of talent agencies has shifted – almost like a seesaw effect – where things are now tipped in favor of those who have a large social media presence/reach versus the conventional stars of the past. 

And as this transformation occurs where social media influencers are being represented by top talent agencies and getting booked for major gigs (movies, etc.) their social media presence could literally make or break deals. 

One way talent agencies have been using social media insights is to understand influencers and gauge their true reach to decide whether they’re worth bringing on-board in the first place. In a world of bots and other craziness on social media, having clarity before making decisions is valuable. 

Secondly, once agencies are representing talent and their brand/reputation is on the line, having the ability to detect potential issues before they spiral out of control is absolutely critical. There have been many incidents over the years where actors, athletes, YouTubers and many others made social media posts that led to their demise – and issues for those associated with them – but detecting/fixing problems right away could’ve changed everything. 

Lastly, looking at the positives of social media data/analytics, when top talent is secured and the numbers skyrocket, capturing all of the highlights from social media then packaging them up (like an old school press kit) will help you get more deals for them in the future. It’s like painting the best picture of what’s to come.  

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