Custom AI Solutions

While on our journey to build one of the most powerful social media intelligence tools on the market we developed groundbreaking technologies that helped us achieve our goals. These advancements, including proprietary language analysis and image recognition capabilities, are now available to organizations that are looking to integrate machine learning into their existing software products or in future builds. We'll work with you to identify your problems then use our proprietary toolkit to deliver solutions.

Let's Do Big Things Together

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Your Machine Learning Arm

A vast majority of companies see the power of machine learning and know it's the wave of the future, but unfortunately only a small number are actually putting the revolutionary technology to work. Let us handle the heavy lifting by utilizing technologies we've already developed.

Integrating Social Insights

Whether your company provides a business intelligence tool, software for the financial industry, advertising application or any other type of product that will benefit from integrating social media insights, we offer APIs that empower third-parties.

Let Our R&D Help You

One of the biggest roadblocks to building products in-house that are powered by machine learning is finding the right talent to get the job done, and another is spending the time and money to learn what works and doesn't work. Fortunately, we've done that.

Launch Quickly, Save Money

By using technologies that have already been developed and can be tailored to a company's needs, we provide the ability to launch new products quickly while also saving clients money on R&D, which can often delay the release of new products.