The world is an interesting place today and nobody could have predicted the floods that are occurring in Las Vegas now and affecting a wide variety of casinos, hotels, restaurants and other businesses.

We have been using our deep learning AI ecosystem to understand what’s happening in the moment and thought we’d drop a quick post outlining the issues arising and ways companies can correct them as soon as possible.

Clearly weather is the core problem in this instance, and by having access to weather information and other data, airlines decided to divert or cancel flights in and out of Las Vegas. That then created a ripple effect.

After first detecting signs of weather issues and flight cancellations we then looked at conversations on social media and it’s both interesting and logical how existing guests at hotels decided to extend their stays because they couldn’t fly out, but also huge lines began to form as new guests tried to check in, though the rooms they booked were no longer available.

Imagine the excitement of visiting Las Vegas and having a reservation at a hotel then finally arriving but you’re told the room isn’t actually available. That = extreme frustration and a good chance you’ll mention such on social media (Instagram, Twitter, etc.). And exactly what’s happening now, which we’re watching closely for clients and certain science projects we’re running.

The moral of the story is that companies need to understand what’s happening in the moment before things become bigger issues, and if casinos/hotels had access to effective business and social media analytics solutions they could’ve fused/recognized trends to predict the flood of guests/issues an hour or more before such occurred.

We’re continuing our research around this and it’s exciting to not only have a utility patent on deep learning AI solutions we’ve developed, but also find new use cases every day where we can test our technologies and improve them to make even more of an impact in the future.