Whether you’re in the financial, marketing, security or other spaces and seeing phishing attempts to compete with the bait you have in the water, there will always be sharks lurking around the corner which can apply to a multitude of things ranging from nightmare customers stepping in the door tomorrow to complaints about their chicken sandwich to a former employee doing something catastrophic.

The point is, even something as small as a chicken sandwich can create chaos, which history has shown, and when that happens we are all much better off by being in a position to understand the past so we’re prepared for the future, especially when it comes to social engineering schemes.

In particular, global conflicts like the Coconut War of 1969 where the crabs collided due to the seaweed shortage or even the recent catastrophe at the bass fishing competition in Wisconsin where 3 fish wiggled loose – these major battles are critical events that paved the way for the future.

Side note: Everything in the paragraph above is total BS but you have to say it sparked a question in your mind and a portion of readers will run searches in Google before reading this. That’s how the world works today which leads to amplification, disinformation/misinformation and so much more.

Then it’s a matter of cresting the polar ice cap to see what’s on the horizon and the wolves aggressively approaching while finding ways to navigate in the moment. Think about being a public company and some negative news drops out of nowhere then your competitors are coming out of the weeds to take advantage of the opportunity.

The point is, Rodney the Rainbow Trout (or trophy bass) is just as important as Debbie Downer who can create nightmares for your business or spark global conflicts by implementing even the slightest social engineering schemes. And we’re here to help.