When most people think of venture capital firms their mind goes towards investments and where they deploy their capital – for example in AI companies – however one of the common questions we get after guiding some of the top VC firms and hedge funds on their deal flow is around how VCs are using AI themselves.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what we’re seeing today, including common questions:

How is AI transforming the venture capital industry?
AI is turning the VC community upside down because not only is it one of the hottest areas to invest in, especially given GenAI and the world today, but also due to the ways AI can help curate the best investment opportunities.

Can you use AI for investing?
The simple answer is absolutely! For many years we’ve used our proprietary/patented ecosystem to take a multimodal approach to discovering candidates for VC firms and we see that trend continuing in the future. Essentially, why understand only one dimension when you have the ability to see the big picture before making critical decisions.

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