At Soteria Intelligence, we have spent the past 5 years focused on R&D around Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically machine learning, and over 15 years studying all facets of social media ranging from online behaviors to social media analytics. Today, we use our experience to guide large organizations through complex initiatives to help bring what appears to be out of reach down to earth.

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Leading the Pack

Our team prides itself in not only being subject-matter experts today, but also figuring out what's on the horizon. This inquisitive, research-infused approach allows us to uncover trends before they happen and ultimately empower clients.

Tried and True

There's something to be said about implementing what works instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, and we use our experience and technologies to provide clients with guidance that saves time and money.


Having been cited in everything from college textbooks to cover stories by global publications and used as expert witnesses in high-profile cases, our team walks the walk and has become industry-recognized.

We Love This Stuff

Having a passion for what you do is critical, and for us that means many sleepless nights thinking about ways we can work to change the world using technology. Our consultants use that passion to help clients do the same.