Dating back to the 1950s scientists have been intrigued by creating artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that mimic the human brain, however mythical it may sound, and today we are living in a time when something you’d typically see in a Hollywood movie has actually come to life. And it’s a beautiful thing.

Since we began this journey back in 2013 the Soteria Intelligence website has gone through a variety of iterations, and we are excited to announce our new look and feel.

We are excited to announce the expansion of Soteria Intelligence’s team with John Mutch coming aboard as Executive Chairman where he will use his 30-years of experience in the technology space to guide company growth, including expanding into new verticals as well as the development of new machine learning solutions. A new adventure begins!

With most things in life there’s a learning curve whether it be riding a bicycle or becoming a lawyer, and there’s a point where the haziness subsides, the sun comes out, and you can bask in clarity. After studying social media for the past 15 years, which has been both a challenge and an adventure, it’s exciting for me to be using that experience to lead the Soteria Intelligence team. Here’s what I learned over time.

Having grown up in the heart of Los Angeles I’ve had the opportunity to experience the entertainment industry firsthand ranging from childhood friends that became big successes to working in-house for a billion-dollar celebrity brand, and in recent years the industry has seen a few big shifts which I’ll cover in this post.

Almost daily we are reminded of just how important social media threat intelligence is ranging from incidents that spiral out of control and end up impacting corporations in a variety of ways to insights gleaned from social media that can help prevent issues from occurring in the future, such as detecting product defects early on.

In the past few months the world has been taken over by creepy clowns trying to scare people for fun, threaten them, and even cause harm. What began as a group of small incidents and subsequent copy cats has spiraled into a worldwide craze where creepy, scary clowns are securing news headlines from Los Angeles, California to Zurich, Switzerland.

Looking at the history of mankind spanning thousands of years, hatred was always present and people have been persecuted for a wide variety of reasons up until this day, but in recent times hate has been digitized and weaponized with the rise of social media. And that’s unacceptable to us.

In this day and age social media has become a vehicle for delivering threats of all types ranging from threats of violence aimed at schools to activity that foreshadows cyber-attacks. And when looking at threats on social networks, it’s imperative to identify them on the horizon as opposed to when they reach the front door.