About Soteria

Founded in 2013, Soteria Intelligence is a technology company based in Los Angeles, California that has spent the past 4 years researching and developing machine learning technologies that deliver the next generation of social media intelligence. After realizing the power of what we built, we began developing other machine learning solutions outside of social media, which will be launching in 2018.

  • 1969: Predictive Analytics

    Director Les Briney writes custom algorithms to predict enemy troop movement in Vietnam prior to spending 16 years at IBM and being the Chief Architect of Prodigy.

  • 1997: John Mutch Joins HNC Software

    Executive Chairman John Mutch becomes CEO of company focused on using deep neural networks to detect credit fraud before company sold to Fair Isaac Corporation for $825 million.

  • 2005: The Social Media Journey

    Founder and CEO, Aaron Schoenberger, begins guiding large organizations on the use of social media.

  • 2011: The First Social Analytics

    Aaron Schoenberger featured in PostRank webinar on social analytics one month before being acquired by Google and rolled into Google Analytics.

  • 2013: Founding Team

    Soteria Intelligence formed and builds team to revolutionize social media intelligence technologies.

  • 2015: Gaining Traction

    By 2015, had been featured in stories published by BBC, NPR, The Guardian, etc.

  • 2016: It's Alive!

    Company launches groundbreaking social media intelligence solutions that use deep learning.

  • 2017: Patents, Expansion

    The pursuit of protecting what has been created as well as expanding to provide solutions outside of social media using company's core technologies.

  • 2018: The Big Push

    Five years of hard work, an amazing team and robust technologies have positioned Soteria Intelligence for significant growth and continued innovation in 2018.

Executive Team