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Soteria Intelligence is a technology company based in Los Angeles, CA that delivers powerful social media and business intelligence solutions using a proprietary, patent-pending deep learning platform that continues to learn and become more intelligent over time. From detecting brand reputation issues before they spiral out of control to discovering insights that guide product development, future ad campaigns and more, we use our technologies to help organizations cut through the white noise and realize what matters, when it matters.



We offer no boxed solutions and instead build tailored machine learning models for clients that cater to their specific needs. Custom-fitted clothes are commonplace, and we feel software should be too.

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of Years of


A human can have only so much experience, so we take input from a wide variety of subject-matter experts to develop a level of intelligence that surpasses any one person or team of people. Think crowdsourced intelligence.

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Listen. Learn.


Our intuitive user interfaces push alerts that guide users to take actions, which ultimately send training data back into our machine learning models to make them more effective over time. Goodbye to false positives.

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Social Media Intelligence

Better Data, Quicker

Use our technologies to uncover a social media world you never knew existed, and do it over 100x quicker than any human possibly could.

It Learns You

Software that learns about your business and goals then continues to become more intelligent and effective over time.

Lives on the Cloud

No need to download software or worry about operating systems, all of our solutions live on the cloud.

Goodbye to False Positives

Social media analytics tools are often plagued with false positives, but we allow users to flag content as such. This “supervised learning” approach stops false positives from recurring to ensure you get the insights you want without excess baggage.

Visualize Your Priorities

Using a wide variety of data points tied together with proprietary algorithms, our software offers an easy way to prioritize and visualize alerts while also removing white noise.

Modular Interface

We provide a modular interface that allows users to select exactly what they want to see on their screens, which is perfect for large marketing teams that split tasks or others with very specific roles.

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