The world is changing by the day and it’s interesting how certain trends take off that are many times fueled by social media – and we wonder what’s going on behind the scenes? This can be everything from birria tacos creating waves to the recent spike in smash-and-grab robberies that’s creating problems for brands, retailers and malls throughout the U.S.

As innovators in the early days of social media that guided the first analytics solutions before creating our own and securing a utility patent, we are always focused on pushing the envelope and decided to drop a short blog post on our recent findings with more to come.

One thing we’ve noticed: The behaviors associated with smash-and-grab robberies and the rise in them over time directly correlates to other behaviors we’ve been analyzing for years like threats against schools and how they manifested. Essentially, the more roadmaps that are created/publicized the easier the path becomes once that seed is planted in someone’s mind.

This also highlights the need to break down data silos to understand the big picture versus making decisions on small slices of a pie where the rest is unknown.

Opening the curtain on new innovations soon. Stay tuned.