Image Recognition

Today, more images are being shared online than at any other time in history and such a trend will continue to grow in the coming years. On the downside, it has been exceedingly difficult for companies to keep track of the vast amount of imaging data that might affect them.

Humans are naturally good at categorizing images. For instance, most humans can immediately tell the difference between a gun and a hair dryer, but this type of problem has been challenging for computers. Historically, researchers have attempted to identify an image by looking at geometric co-occurrences between sets of images, with limited success.

Recently a new paradigm of image recognition strategies has emerged which emulates the computational characteristics of the human brain. This style of computation is known as deep learning. Deep learning does not assume any structure about the imaging task, instead it lets the algorithm find a set of multi-dimensional features that best describe an image.

Soteria Intelligence leverages novel deep learning based algorithms to provide companies with the most advanced image recognition solutions. Organizations use our imaging capabilities to monitor copyright infringement, recognize logos, and assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns among other use cases.

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