The world is a wild place today with social media driving everything from global conflicts to the food you’ll be having for dinner tonight, and it’s cool to see how something so powerful was shunned in the early days and thought of as a fad, but now runs our daily lives. 

On the flip side, the inner-workings of social networks – the algorithms that drive everything behind the scenes – is a mystery to most while also an asset to others. And that’s where the power of social media analytics comes into play: Cutting through the white noise to understand what really matters. 

Looking back to the earliest days of social media, PostRank was one of the first companies to create proprietary algorithms aimed at analyzing conversations for the purpose of generating valuable insights for companies, and our Founder/CEO played a role in that. They revolutionized the space by looking at engagement across a variety of platforms then most importantly tied it together as one before being acquired by Google and rolled into Google Analytics. 

From that point forward, social analytics went in a different direction that became very one-dimensional by looking at combinations of keywords to hopefully uncover diamonds in the rough, though when looking at millions of conversations taking place within a short period of time relying on keywords alone becomes impossible. That challenge has been a roadblock for enterprise companies up until this day. 

Digging into over 15 years of social media analytics data, we realized the need to go above and beyond words and instead focus on behaviors, linguistics, and other key factors that tell the true story as opposed to scratching the surface then hoping for magic. 

And going back in time, it’s interesting how some of the biggest failures we’ve seen then helped fix – whether they be missed opportunities or issues that harmed brands – came from companies not fully understanding conversations and ultimately the world around them. 

Fast-forward to today, from self-driving cars to gadgets that will cook entire meals at the click of a button, technology is progressing at a rapid pace; and so are we. 

The new enterprise social media analytics solutions we launched along with the utility patent we secured on artificial intelligence (deep learning) ecosystems that produce automated evaluations are creating waves and we are excited for what’s to come.