The world is an ever-evolving place ranging from podcasts first surfacing and floating above the water for many years before recently blasting off to social media behaviors that have also changed with the times. And today, it’s the smallest snippets that create the biggest impact.

Take a step back and think about it: Now that social media has taken over our everyday lives and many of us are glued to our phones, our bandwidth as humans is limited so we gravitate towards short bits of information that – if captivating – pique our interest.

Looking at how YouTube progressed over the years from when it was first launched in 2005 then focused on improving the quality of video content while also extending the length of video uploads, their recent move to push YouTube Clips and Shorts is smart.

This also jives with where social media is going as a whole – people posting more Stories and Reels on Instagram versus Posts, short TikTok videos blowing up, and most importantly YouTubers from all walks of life launching secondary channels (like clips channels for podcasters) to capture new audiences.

Based on our research and guiding various creators, sharing short-form content on YouTube is the wave of the future but it has to be done right to hit the nail on the head. The “If you build it, they will come” mentality doesn’t apply.

Imagine this: If one episode of a podcast lasts 2 hours and there are 5 key nuggets of information that can be extracted then shared as individual clips which generate millions of views themselves, that’s a clear path to more ad/sponsor revenue and pathway to building a larger fanbase that will watch the full episodes.

As a foodie, this reminds me of popular restaurants that give out samples when people are waiting in line because it tickles their senses and leaves them wanting more – which is what all major podcasts are doing today with clips.

It’s exciting to see how the world is changing and we’re having fun using the deep learning ecosystem we developed/patented to deliver actionable insights for podcasters, YouTubers, Fortune 500s and others that are looking for data to drive their content strategies.