The world is changing rapidly and social media now plays a key role in all aspects of our daily lives, and most recently it has had a profound impact on the insurance industry not only from a marketing perspective but also when it comes to gathering data around particular claims. And this is important in a few ways. 

For one, social networks have adapted with the times and the focus on user privacy/wishes means data (e.g. a tweet) could be accessible in the moment but the second a user makes their profile private or deletes a tweet the data is no longer available. We agree with this approach, though it also makes it difficult for insurance companies to look back in time to see what happened versus having a resource that delivers near real-time alerts to ensure you’re seeing the big picture as it unfolds. 

Secondly, if the core data isn’t available – like multiple people independently documenting a car accident on social media before it leads to a major claim – then months later, when attorneys are involved, insurance companies are many times left in the dark with no way to look back in time. And that’s why having access to powerful social media analytics tools from the beginning is critical. 

Over the years we have seen the need for actionable social media insights spike whether it’s for insurance companies, the legal industry, global food brands and the list goes on, but the common goal has always been to get the best data as quickly as possible, and that’s what we do. 

If you’re an insurance company that needs social media analytics and a resource that can help you take cases/claims from start to finish (we’ve been social media expert witnesses in a variety of high-profile cases)… we’re here to help.