We recently posted about the importance of social media risk assessment aimed at finding potential threats on the horizon versus when they reach the front door, and many times companies just don’t know where to turn for help after they’ve exhausted all internal resources. This post sheds light on the value of social media risk consultants and how opening your eyes to the big picture leads to better understanding your particular slice. 

This ties into one problem we often see, especially at large companies (Fortune 500s, etc.) where teams across all departments (communications, marketing, PR, R&D) operate in silos and while being laser-focused and great at what they do, they’re also inherently unaware of everything happening outside of that bubble.  

What if a major problem you’re facing has never hit your industry before, it’s new to everyone, yet other companies have been affected for years but you have no knowledge of the danger, outcomes, and ways to solve the problem. That’s where bringing in a social media risk consultant/firm can turn the tables. 

Aside from developing our patented deep learning ecosystem that generates actionable, automated insights from social media, blogs/news and other data sources we also guide companies through complex problems. 

If you’re in a pickle and want to discuss solutions feel free to reach out to us – let’s explore.