This past week we secured 2 wins for law firms that used our social media analytics solutions to prove their position during trials, and in the near future we see how the fusion of AI with the legal industry will continue to become more important.

In the meantime, we wanted to share insights around ways social media analytics can be used to win civil trials across the board, and below are some of the common questions we’re getting now:

What are the best social media analytics tools for lawyers?
The best social media analytics tools for lawyers are those that listen, learn and adapt to the needs using the most cutting edge tools today. That ranges from the industry-leading social media analytics solutions we’re providing to Fortune 500 companies, law firms and others as well as what’s to come.

Can you rely on results from social media analytics tools when going to trial?
Whether you’re looking at data around social media analytics for trials related to conventional problems associated with things shared on social media that present much more complicated scenarios, can you really rely on results curated by boxed social data data? No.

What is the best way to compile social media evidence for a trial?
The best way to research then integrate social media analytics data for trials is to first understand the goals then work towards achieving them, though that can become complicated when dealing with multiple goals/parties.

If you need a social media expert witness to testify on the results, who will that be?
Going back to the above, especially as it relates to social media analytics/data for the legal industry, can you rely on data results from third-party social media analytics tools? The simple answer: It all depends.

Social media reports for litigation: Where to start?
If you are caught in the mix and dealing with a case that involves social media for litigation purposes and need a report that helps you establish a starting point, we’re here to help.

The moral of the story is that social media analytics for the legal space to win civil trials present a wide variety of obstacles as well as solutions, and that’s where we shine.