From reinventing the way we make payments online to the cars we drive today, exploring the universe and ways to colonize it while also looking at what lies beneath us, Elon Musk is known for making moves. And his recent endeavor to acquire Twitter is something we’ve been watching closely, especially as it relates to social media analytics. 

What’s most exciting for us, and why we jive with Elon’s mindset, is how we spent years of research and development focused on solving the problems on Twitter, developing then patenting solutions that use deep learning to cut through the white noise, and today things come full circle. 

If the sale does go through we predict Twitter will change in a variety of ways, and that will have a direct impact on social media analytics – how global companies are consuming/understanding data derived from social networks to make sense of everything in the moment. 

Looking forward to seeing what’s on the horizon and we’ll drop new insights along the way.