We are living in a world that’s driven by social media and unfortunately businesses often find themselves in tough situations where social media isn’t the positive, happy place we all imagine but instead a channel where unhappy customers, former employees, etc. can spill the beans with no filter. And many times that creates threats to businesses whether that relates to their brand reputation or employee safety and so much more.

As innovators in the social media threat space we thought it would be helpful to share our insights on what we’re seeing today and where we see the social threat landscape evolving in the future, especially as it relates to critical issues that can make or break global organizations (Fortune 500, etc.).

Going down that path, below are some of the common questions we get:

What are the social media threats to businesses?
Social media threats to businesses can range from an employee accidentally sharing confidential information on their personal profile to catastrophic issues that have the ability to impact global operations, brand reputation, and potentially lead to millions of dollars in losses and PR issues.

What’s the biggest threat that social media poses to businesses?
Fear of the unknown and what’s around the next turn is something all companies struggle with, and that holds true when it comes to threats on social media that can crush a business if they aren’t able to see what’s on the horizon. The biggest threat = The unknown.

What is the danger of social media marketing?
The biggest danger around social media marketing is the lack of being able to understand the data/feedback you get after the fact, and most importantly extrapolating what exactly it means. The best clues can be lurking in the shadows but you have to uncover them.

Hopefully this post sheds more light on the world today and if you have questions or simply want to link up and say hello let’s connect.