There are foundational parts of our lives that truly make us who we are today and high school along with college play key roles in that, while at the same time create the building blocks of who we’ll be in the future. Of course there will always be mitigating factors and shifts though that’s not the norm.

Going back in time to the days of high school, we can all remember good times as well as the bad, and in particular how both of those dynamics affected us in different ways. Fortunately for many there was an equilibrium where everything balanced out in the end and we moved on with our lives, evolved into who we envisioned and now here we are today. However, that’s not always the case.

Think about a few potential scenarios many students come across nowadays which have been consistent over time. And most importantly, how to best solve the problems:

As the Founder of Soteria Intelligence writing this post, hitting on the topic of diversity is important to me because growing up in Los Angeles I came from all walks of life (friends from school, ET, etc.). And I never looked at anyone through a different lens which has led to the friendships I have up until today.

Being Sheltered
On the other hand, when growing up there were circles of friends that were sheltered, didn’t have to do much to get what they wanted, and many times those behaviors evolved into a lack of drive/performance in the future and many times worse. The point is, if everything is given to you on a silver platter what’s the drive to work harder for more?

Lack of Resources
Now we need to explore people who have the drive, bust their ass and just need a little boost to get them to the next level. And that can be something as simple as buying Apple Mac Mini computers for inner city schools so everyone has access to the newest tech/computers along with high-speed internet to cultivate the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

The Next Steps
The reality is that students not only in high school but throughout the entire educational process need the right resources to tap into their true potential, and that’s an initiative we’re working on now that will be rolled out in the near future.

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