The world is evolving at a rapid pace and part of that evolution includes social media playing a key role in our daily lives whether it’s around influencing what we buy or things happening behind the scenes like social media analytics being used in the legal space to uncover critical insights for class action lawsuits.

For the biggest class action lawsuits, firms spend a ridiculous amount of money on TV commercials, Google AdWords campaigns, social media ads, SEO and the list goes on… And nowadays having access to actionable insights from social media is worth its weight in gold.

Imagine being able to use social media analytics to uncover potential class action opportunities before they take off so you can identify the lead plaintiff based on something like a simple yet game-changing tweet, represent them then find hundreds if not thousands of other class members. Social media insights give you the power to have your finger on the pulse and act on opportunities in the moment.

On the flip side, if you’re getting leads on a new case and seeing a trend brewing but want to gather more insights before investing thousands if not millions into a class action case that will take years to potentially see a return, getting insights from social media, breaking news, TV/radio and other data sources will help you in that decision making process.

We decided to run an experiment where we used our patented social media AI ecosystem to look at some of the biggest class action cases in the past combined with today, and our findings are interesting. This ranges from cases related to airbags, drugs/pharmaceuticals, mesothelioma, tobacco and more along with class action cases that are currently pending.

Lookout for future updates on our research and if you’re a law firm that focuses on class action cases and see ways to integrate our social media analytics solutions let’s connect.