Looking at the trajectory of social media over time it’s interesting how social networks evolved from being a platform for people to communicate to a resource for gathering some of the most critical, near real-time insights that could either create big issues for corporations or uncover valuable opportunities.

Like a pinball machine where you’re waiting for the next ball to drop then find the best way to guide/navigate its direction in the moment, the same applies to finding golden nuggets of social media insights whether they be potential threats to corporations or the earliest signs of what’s to come, which can then be passed onto other departments (communications, legal, marketing, PR, etc.).

As technology accelerated in recent years, particularly when it comes to social media and the rise of artificial intelligence, not only in understanding the ways social networks use AI (particularly deep learning) internally, but by developing/patenting solutions aimed at delivering results based on such, we have our finger on the pulse.

We see how the demand for social media analytics tools for corporate security teams will continue to spike in the future, and we’re here to answer the call. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have or ideas that pop up.