Sentiment Analysis

Companies have long since recognized the value of deciphering sentiment surrounding social media conversations. Unfortunately, many sentiment tools simply do not work and companies were too quick to offer grossly inaccurate sentiment analytics. This hastiness within the field has lead to a general distrust of sentiment tools.

In 1951 the term “AI” was coined at a Dartmouth conference by a handful of computer scientists. At first, the term AI was thought of as the key to unlocking mankind’s brightest future. In the years that followed, AI was generally regarded as a pipedream of over-reaching technological dreamers, and was broadly discredited. It was not until 2012 that AI started to gain traction again, and since 2015 AI has exploded. This resurgence was due to the rapidly decreasing cost of computer hardware resources coupled with a myriad of technological breakthroughs.

Consider the following sentence, “I saw an amazing band at the concert last night but the food was just so bad.” It might be easy to see how even a sophisticated algorithm might struggle with these types of sentences, let alone simple probabilistic deduction methods. Soteria Intelligence understands language as it relates to different topics. We have trained our algorithms on billions of sentences and are able to decipher slang, humor and even sarcasm as it relates to a particular topic or keyword.

Soteria Intelligence has been pushing the technological boundaries of this field and has developed industry-leading deep learning based sentiment tools. We are on a mission to change the way organizations look at sentiment analysis while simultaneously empowering them with improved insights.

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