Our main focus is on delivering enterprise social media analytics and business intelligence solutions using our patented deep learning ecosystem, and it’s exciting when we uncover game-changing trends along the way. In particular, how Spotify is making moves by integrating AI to improve their user experiences.

For example, imagine being very interested in indie music and each time you want to save a song you’ve found, including from the Discover Weekly breakdown, you’re forced to scroll through all of your playlists to finally land on the indie playlist. That = a waste of time.

Looking at what our team is seeing internally on our Spotify apps and insights we’ve gathered from social media using our analytics platform, the new versions of the app are prioritizing/featuring the most commonly engaged playlists (most listened to, added to, etc.) and the results are spot on.

Try updating your Spotify app then browsing songs and adding to playlists – are your most popular playlists appearing on top? That’s the power of AI.

On a side note, looking at the conversations we’ve been analyzing and searches in Google, below are some of the most common questions:
How do you change the playlist on the top of Spotify?
How do I change the playlist order on Spotify to recently added?
How do I rearrange my playlists?
How does Spotify arrange your playlists?

The world is evolving quickly and it’s cool to see things like AI that were once viewed as science fiction actually coming to fruition and making a real impact today.