Yet again we have seen evil rear its ugly head and innocent children with big futures are no longer with us physically but will live on forever. Though this keeps happening, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it comes down to understanding behaviors on social media and noticing when someone shows the earliest cries for help that, if ignored, can spiral into much more.

Thinking back to our days in school and seeing how some people could be so harmful, jaded and mean in general, that has a profound effect on those who are forced to absorb and respond to the negative energy. And it also triggers things inside of them when combined with other factors like family or relationship issues and so much more.

So the question is: What is the best way to identify the early cries for help on social media and take a proactive approach to preventing school shootings? It’s to be a true friend.

Here are a few examples that relate to students/schools and humans in general:

  • If you notice someone is going through a tough time based on their social media activity, reach out and ask how they’re doing
  • Be open to listening and learning about what they’re going through then provide positive feedback to guide them in the right direction early on
  • Once you notice their behaviors are becoming more extreme don’t be afraid to be more direct: I noticed X about you and I’m worried
  • And if things reach a tipping point, as a friend, get them help before something catastrophic happens

If people feel helpless like they’re being flushed down a black hole and have nothing to lose they’ll go to extremes (e.g. harming others) but as human beings we can come together and help people before they get to that point. And that’s what matters most.