Following Instagram’s progress over the years has been a wild ride ranging from how the platform exploded in the early days to the ways they took inspiration from Snapchat and others along the way, and based on our research/data it’s exciting to see that Instagram is finally rolling out 60-second stories to the masses.

Though the idea floated around months ago and was tested on a small sampling of accounts at first, it looks like in the past week (the beginning of July) Instagram is now allowing most users to post 60-second stories as one video instead of chopping them up into 15-second clips. This is a smart move, and one element that made TikTok so successful.

Aside from the Instagram accounts we have access to and run tests on, we used our social media analytics platform to analyze conversations over the past 7 days to better understand what is happening on a large scale and what we found is interesting.

Looking at a blend of posts from Instagram, Reddit and Twitter it’s clear that Instagram has gone past the testing phase and rolled out the new feature, which is going to create waves in the future.

In a nutshell: Everything we’re seeing indicates that Instagram stories will now have a limit of 60-seconds and we predict Meta/Instagram will announce this soon.