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Our technologies provide companies with actionable social media intelligence and digital customer experience solutions that continue to learn from human feedback and other data sources to become more intelligent and effective over time.


Our revolutionary social media listening and analytics software.


Consulting services for machine learning and social media intelligence.


Integrating our proprietary data/technologies into third party applications.


An upcoming deep learning customer experience ecosystem.

What We Do

Soteria Intelligence is a technology company based in Los Angeles, CA that delivers powerful social media analytics/monitoring and digital customer experience solutions using a proprietary, patent-pending deep learning platform that goes far above and beyond looking at simple combinations of keywords, broad statistics, and other metrics of the past. From detecting brand reputation issues before they spiral out of control to discovering questions people have before making purchases, insights that guide product development, future ad campaigns and more, we use our technologies to help organizations cut through the white noise and realize what matters, when it matters.

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Social Media Intelligence

Better Data, Quicker

Use our technologies to uncover a social media world you never knew existed, and do it over 100x quicker than any human possibly could.

It Learns You

Software that learns about your business and goals then continues to become more intelligent and effective over time.

Lives on the Cloud

No need to download software or worry about operating systems, all of our solutions live on the cloud.

Goodbye to False Positives

Social media analytics tools are often plagued with false positives, but we allow users to flag content as such. This “supervised learning” approach stops false positives from recurring to ensure you get the insights you want without excess baggage.

Visualize Your Priorities

Using a wide variety of data points tied together with proprietary algorithms, our software offers an easy way to prioritize and visualize alerts while also removing white noise.

Modular Interface

We provide a modular interface that allows users to select exactly what they want to see on their screens, which is perfect for large marketing teams that split tasks or others with very specific roles.

3 Ways Restaurant Chains are Using Social Media Analytics

Food is a language everyone speaks around the world and it’s cool to see how social media has impacted the food industry over the past 15 years ranging from marketing tactics being implemented to the ways food companies analyze conversations on social media, and this post touches on 3 of the most common ways we see restaurant chains using social media analytics.

Social Media Analytics for Security Teams: Discovering Anomalies

Throughout our lives there are outside forces – many of which we can’t control – that either impact us directly or tangentially, and it’s interesting to see how certain behaviors become normal based on pop culture, society and other factors. Though on the other hand, there are behaviors that stand out because they drastically deviate from the norm.

Our Research: The Ways Social Media Engagement/Metrics Influence Behaviors

We are living in a social media world where trends drive behaviors and what’s most interesting to us is why such behaviors occur in the first place from the Popeyes chicken sandwich craze to the epic GameStop short squeeze that will live on forever.

Social Media Threat Consultants: Helping You Find Solutions

The world has been a crazy place lately to say the least, and as pioneers in the social media space it’s sad to see what was first such a positive gateway into the digital universe become a trap that leads to people doubting themselves, basing their behaviors on others, and going to extremes which can include everything from teenagers committing suicide because of online bullying to mass shootings at schools, workplaces, etc. It’s not acceptable.

Social Media Expert Witnesses: Why Their Location Matters

Looking at a current trial in the news related to a former pirate and his ex-wife which has been generating tons of buzz on social media, it made us think about expert witness testimony we’ve given in the past and in particular how it’s critical to not only understand someone’s qualifications before choosing them as your expert witness, but more importantly how they present themselves in front of a courtroom/jury.

Preventing School Shootings: Understanding Early Cries for Help on Social Media

Yet again we have seen evil rear its ugly head and innocent children with big futures are no longer with us physically but will live on forever. Though this keeps happening, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it comes down to understanding behaviors on social media and noticing when someone shows the earliest cries for help that, if ignored, can spiral into much more.

Why We Patented a Human-in-the-Loop System for Social Analytics

While cruising on our magic carpet and analyzing behaviors/data we realized a major roadblock that has proven itself time and time again: Social media is like the Wild West and sentiment/trends can change in the blink of an eye. How can companies make sense of hundreds or millions of conversations in the moment by simply looking at combinations of keywords?

Corporate Security’s Reliance on Social Media Analytics Tools

Looking at the trajectory of social media over time it’s interesting how social networks evolved from being a platform for people to communicate to a resource for gathering some of the most critical, near real-time insights that could either create big issues for corporations or uncover valuable opportunities.

Discovering Social Media Threats on the Horizon: Where We Started

Imagine going down a path that’s beautiful with flowers blooming, nature thriving, then you start to see signs of something bad on the horizon – social media posts that are cause for concern, disrupting your happiness and you become worried about the future.

Social Media Analytics/Data for Personal Injury Attorneys, Law Firms

Soteria Intelligence is a social media analytics and consulting firm that has guided a variety of law firms on high-profile cases and this post highlights the importance of capturing insights in the moment.

Using Social Media Behaviors/Linguistics to Proactively Solve Problems

From detecting signs before catastrophic events occur to finding those in need after the fact and everything in between, the power of truly understanding the behaviors and linguistics behind social media posts is critical for a variety of reasons.

Social Media Threat Intelligence: Spotting Signs on the Horizon

As pioneers in the social media threat intelligence space from patenting our AI (deep learning) analytics ecosystem to guiding the largest companies in the world, this post touches on solutions to problems we’ve seen over the years.

Elon Musk Buying Twitter: The Impact on Social Media Analytics

From reinventing the way we make payments online to the cars we drive today, exploring the universe and ways to colonize it while also looking at what lies beneath us, Elon Musk is known for making moves. And his recent endeavor to acquire Twitter is something we’ve been watching closely, especially as it relates to social media analytics. 

What is Social Media Risk Management? A Quick Breakdown

Imagine sitting at your desk having a normal day then things take a turn for the worst and you just can’t understand what’s happening in the moment. Then you find yourself scrambling to discover solutions to problems that, if detected earlier, could’ve been mitigated....

3 Ways Talent Agencies Can Use Social Media Data/Insights

Looking at the world today compared to even 10 years ago, it’s interesting to see how the focus of talent agencies has shifted – almost like a seesaw effect – where things are now tipped in favor of those who have a large social media presence/reach versus the conventional stars of the past. 

Human-in-the-Loop Systems: The Social Media Analytics Revolution

Looking back in time it’s interesting to see how the Industrial Revolution, which was essentially based on the progression of technology, totally transformed the world now Human-in-the-Loop systems are doing the same when it comes to social media.

The Impact of Social Media Data/Analytics on the Insurance Industry

The world is changing rapidly and social media now plays a key role in all aspects of our daily lives, and most recently it has had a profound impact on the insurance industry not only from a marketing perspective but also when it comes to gathering data around...

Social Media Risk Consulting: Providing Guidance to Solve Complex Problems

We recently posted about the importance of social media risk assessment aimed at finding potential threats on the horizon versus when they reach the front door, and many times companies just don’t know where to turn for help after they’ve exhausted all internal...

The Correlation Between Personal Experiences/Trauma and Social Media Activity

It has been interesting to see human behaviors evolve over time ranging from the days of the Industrial Revolution to social media now forcing us all to see the world in a new light, and at the same time like a magic trick hiding behind the curtains, social media reveals everything. 

How Much Social Media Input Can the Human Brain Consume?

Imagine traveling on the Shinkansen (bullet train in Japan) flying across epic landscapes at up to 200 mph while trying to process everything you’re seeing as a human – it’s just not possible. And that brings up interesting questions around how much social media data...

Social Media Expert Witnesses: Making or Breaking a Case

Take a step back and think about your daily life and how social media ties into pretty much everything nowadays – a trajectory that has taken place over the past 15+ years – and recently the legal industry, which has always been slow to accept change, is finally seeing the light. 

3 Things to Look For in a Social Media Risk Assessment Company

Social media is a driving force behind many aspects of our daily lives and because of that companies are facing the wrath of risks spiraling out of control on social media, and need the right expertise and analytics tools to make sense of everything before small things become major problems.

The Instagram Story ‘Wave’ Algorithm: Our Research, Thoughts

Views on Instagram stories used to be predictable and recently they’ve become much more dynamic/volatile with the number of story views bouncing all over the place, which is causing people and companies to question what they’re doing wrong.  However, with volatility...

Social Media Risk Assessment: Understanding Human Behaviors

The world is a wild place today and it’s interesting how things on both ends of the spectrum – from negatives that can create big issues for companies to the positives that boost sales overnight – create volatility and a fear of the unknown.

YouTube Clips Channels: The Importance of Short-Form Content

The world is an ever-evolving place ranging from podcasts first surfacing and floating above the water for many years before recently blasting off to social media behaviors that have also changed with the times. And today, it’s the smallest snippets that create the...

The Rise of Social Media Expert Witnesses: A New Phenomenon

As humans, it’s interesting to take a step back and think about how things have changed over time ranging from the old school Blockbuster days renting VHS tapes to video content now available online at the click of a button. And today, the world is a different place...

Spotting Bots on Social Media: The Ultimate Fishing Expedition

Social media was once such an innocent, positive place in the digital world where humans could come together as one and connect based on common interests, but today it has turned into the Wild West for the good and for the worst.

Social Media Magicians: The Age of Misinformation

We are living in a magical world where with the stroke of a wand the social media universe shifts either for the good or for the worst, and though misinformation on social media has been a problem for 15+ years it’s more prevalent now than ever. Going back to the...

Social Media Risks/Threats to Large Companies: Finding a Solution

We are living in a world full of surprises and the past few years have shown that large companies (Fortune 500s, Global 2000s) need the ability to understand what’s happening on social media in the moment to detect risks, threats and more.

Social Media Analytics in the Early Days vs Today: The Revolution

The world is a wild place today with social media driving everything from global conflicts to the food you’ll be having for dinner tonight, and it’s cool to see how something so powerful was shunned in the early days and thought of as a fad, but now runs our daily...

The Smash-and-Grab Robbery Phenomenon: Our Research

As a company that has been guiding food brands ranging from startups to Fortune 500s for the past 15 years it’s interesting to see the recent trend around ghost kitchens popping up, but also the challenges they’re facing with marketing/promotion. The recipe for success is both straightforward and complex at the same time, and we wanted to share our thoughts on ways to win.

What is the Metaverse and What’s Next?

The world is a wild place today ranging from cryptocurrency creating waves to the concept of a Metaverse taking over, which is an ingenious step towards fusing data to create new, supernatural experiences.  When it comes to the Metaverse, ranging from understanding...

Instagram Tests New Story Algorithm, Influencers Losing Traction & Views

Over the past 3-5 days we’ve noticed a significant decrease in story views on our accounts as well as clients, and had a feeling Instagram was up to something, so we launched tests to gauge what exactly is going on. We first created models in our platform aimed at...

Social Media Trend: Eating at the Worst Reviewed Restaurant in My City

Since day one food has been one of the hottest topics on social media ranging from photos of epic seafood feasts going viral to catchy, colorful foods like bagels and the iconic Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks blowing up the internet. However, there’s a new trend...

Nvidia Uses Dash Cams and Deep Learning to Create Virtual Cities

The days of relying on artists and developers spending months to develop virtual worlds for games, AR/VR and other purposes may be coming to an end: At the NeurIPS artificial intelligence conference in Montreal last week Nvidia showcased their ability to use deep...

Improving Customer Experiences Using Social Media: 3 Tips

We are living in a world where social media reigns king and the experiences customers have – whether good or bad – are immediately voiced on social networks and therefore have a tremendous impact on brands which leaves companies searching for ways to improve customer...

Social Media Monitoring for the Food Industry: The Value of Automated Alerts

Just as the sun rises in the morning and sets in the afternoon, businesses open shop and close at the end of the day, but when it comes to the food industry people feast on all sorts of goodies 24/7, and because of that the lights are always on. However, many food...

Calabasas and Hidden Hills: The Social Media Influencer Hub

When most people think of celebrities, social media influencers and the entertainment scene in general Los Angeles proper comes to mind, but in recent years Calabasas and Hidden Hills have become magical destinations attracting influencers from around the world for a...

Digital Customer Experience Management: AI is the Future

One of the most effective ways businesses have leveraged advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) to drive value has been in the customer experience (CX) space by using technology to improve customer relations, identify potential customer service issues before...

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans? Let’s Explore

The concept of artificial intelligence humanoids taking over the world has been a recurring theme in science fiction movies for decades, and with recent advancements in AI, particularly deep learning, the fears are becoming even more real. But should we be scared?...

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