As pioneers in the social media threat space with a utility patent on using deep learning (AI) to produce actionable insights from social media along with a wide variety of other data sources, we intimately understand the issues companies are facing today and have launched a new division aimed at providing social media threat training.

There are a few things that sparked this initiative and the first one is being afraid of the unknown: Companies nowadays just don’t know what’s around the next turn and how it will impact them (logistics, safety, etc.) which ends up influencing various business decisions. Though how do we analyze and discover potential threats in the moment so companies can make the best, most informed decisions in near real-time? That’s our mission.

Secondly, once you identify something that may be cause for concern what are the next steps? You gotta have a process in place where if X = Y you must do Z, and our team will help you strategize that so if (or when) the time comes you’re fully prepared. This ranges from putting safety measures in place for hedge funds (GameStop short squeeze is a perfect example) to social media security plans for companies, schools and others worried about physical threats that originate on social networks..

Most importantly, social media is like the Wild West today and things (algorithms, trends, etc.) are changing on a daily basis, and based on the sheer volume there’s no way large companies/organizations can keep up without the use of AI-powered social media analytics along with experts that are able to review the results and cut through the white noise, which is exactly what we do.

Whether you’re looking to train employees on social media threats, improve internal procedures, explore threat intelligence solutions or simply jump on a call to brainstorm, we’re here to help. Let’s connect.