The world is an interesting place today where social media drives everything from happiness to tragedy and having the ability to understand social media conversations on a large scale then find needles in haystacks is critical, especially when it relates to class action lawsuits where hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars are at stake.

And after guiding a wide variety of high-profile cases covered in all of the major news outlets there’s one key takeaway we have: You should be afraid of the unknown because it will come back to haunt you – particularly social media activity/posts – and you gotta be prepared.

For example, imagine being a law firm defending a $1B class action case against a Fortune 500 company where conversations on social media led to increased awareness around issues and a ton of class members were either personally affected or simply jumping on the bandwagon. Then you go to trial and opposing counsel brings up social media posts you had never seen and catch you off guard – that should never happen.

Having the knowledge/expertise along with proprietary AI social media analytics solutions we patented gives us a competitive edge to read through what’s on the surface and dig much deeper to help companies and law firms win.

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