When social media first entered the world it was an innocent place where people could digitally connect, discuss common interests, build online communities and in many ways develop a support system. Though with the progression of social media and behaviors becoming aggressive/threatening, the times have truly changed.

And unfortunately, both the mentality of social media users and the social media analytics tools used today just aren’t prepared for the future, and that’s why we’re creating waves at Soteria Intelligence.

The fact is, relying on simple combinations of keywords to hopefully understand millions of social media conversations taking place in the moment then compounding that with data from other sources is like building a spaceship in your backyard (the movie Explorers is epic) with the hopes of reaching outer space. But good luck.

On the flip side, deep learning opens doors that were never accessible before, especially when it comes to going above and beyond analyzing keyword combinations to look for meaning in golden nuggets of information hidden below the surface.

In a nutshell: Can deep learning be used to uncover social media threats? Absolutely, if done right, and we secured a utility patent on our deep learning social media ecosystem.