The world is an interesting place that is rapidly evolving over time and we have to think positive and focus on solutions, which is what sparked our research aimed at solving problems around school shootings/violence over the past 20 years.

In the early days social media was a destination to connect with people with common interests then it transformed into a different animal, including people posting signs before bad things happen.

We solved the problem of looking at simple keyword combinations to extract meaning from social media by developing and securing a utility patent on our deep learning social media analytics ecosystem, though we see a much bigger picture.

In particular, when looking at school shootings over time or other acts of violence there are clear indicators/patterns that can be correlated/duplicated – though how do we stop them in the earliest phases?

Imagine if schools/districts were more involved in educating students not only on the things that will make them successful in their future careers (core curriculum), but also improve their emotional intelligence: The ability to understand and interact with others.

Essentially, the first line of defense is students on the ground that truly understand their classmates/peers and when something is off they will be the first to recognize it, be there to provide help/support, and giving them clear channels to communicate with counselors, teachers, etc. if all else fails is key.

This is only a snapshot of our research/solutions and we will be announcing more soon.

In the meantime, if you’re a school/district and want to explore what’s possible let’s connect: