Our team has spent over 20 years guiding some of the biggest companies in the world on social media initiatives and unfortunately while on those journeys we noticed the dark side of social networks, what’s hiding behind the scenes, and ultimately what’s looming on the horizon.

Social media threats come in all shapes and sizes ranging from the normal Yelp reviews about a restaurant’s food/service where someone was expecting to pay $15 for an All You Can Eat (AYCE) buffet then was disappointed in the end because the lobster wasn’t available. The simple things in life.

On the flip side, we’ve analyzed thousands of incidents where social media threats weren’t related to food but instead aimed at either voicing an intention to do harm or showing signs beforehand. This spans a wide range of industries.

Going back to the core of the post: What are social media threats? And the simple answer is any post on social media that can create a negative impact on your company and change your trajectory in the long run.

If only things were more simple.