Think about living in a glass house where the smallest storm can wreak havoc and that’s exactly what companies are facing today in the world of social media: One rogue post snowballs then impacts sales, brand reputation, market caps, etc.

So how do you protect your brand’s reputation by staying ahead of the curve and solving problems proactively? It’s all about understanding what’s happening in the moment while having the strategies and tech in place to execute on your goals.

One question we’re often asked about brand reputation management relates to social media and finding solutions that go above and beyond looking at combinations of keywords to extract meaning around what’s actually happening in the moment. And those near real-time golden nuggets of information are critical.

The moral of the story is that social media today is like the Wild West and if your company doesn’t have the right solutions implemented you’re in for a rough ride. Though we can help you on the journey and smooth things out using our patented AI tech and industry-recognized team.