The world is a wild place today and looking back nobody could have imagined social media turning from such a happy, positive environment to negativity, hate, disinformation and misinformation along with so much more. That’s what companies at all levels from startups to Fortune 100s are facing now and need to be aware of.

In looking at some of the most common questions we get around social media threats aimed at companies, we thought it would be helpful to share our experiences and outline them along with our feedback:

What are Social Media Threats to Companies?
Threats to companies that originate on social media can impact a wide variety of things ranging from damaging reputation to uncovering issues around food safety, logistics, etc. and it’s those threats that come out of nowhere that can make or break your business, and why identifying key nuggets of information early on is critical.

Did an Employee Leak Confidential Information on Social Media?
Whether you’re building a spaceship in your backyard (the movie Explorers from 1985 is epic) or anything else special, everything has to be confidential which is no different than an old school Italian grandma keeping her recipe for marinara sauce close to her heart.

However, when people break out of that family we need to understand where the recipe is going, and that’s where social media analytics related to leaks of confidential information becomes very important.

How Can We Uncover Falsified and/or Negative Reviews Intended to Cause Damage?
From airlines to hotels and restaurant chains with global footprints, think about the massive amount of feedback they’re continuously getting on a regular basis and the science project is to understand what’s triggering that then mitigate damages.

This is only a snapshot of the threats companies are facing today and we’ll be sharing more soon.