As artificial intelligence continues to take over it should be no surprise that Google’s MUM algorithm and the waves it’s creating will have an everlasting impact on the world as we know it, though AI is still so foreign to many and truly understood by few.

In 2023 we anticipate the principles of MUM to be more widely adopted: Essentially taking a multimodal or multidimensional approach to understanding everything in life whether its search queries in Google that are new/fresh then trying to figure out how to deliver the best results or all of the factors in your environment that drive you to make decisions in the moment.

The concept of taking things that have always been approached/viewed as one-dimensional then turning them into something more special is magical, and that’s where MUM will shine in 2023.

It’s also where Soteria Intelligence started and how we are able to predict what’s to come. We developed/patented social media ecosystems using deep learning that take the same multimodal approach to analyzing big data and we are now powering companies around the world.

The moral of the story is that Google’s MUM algorithm reinforces the value of AI if done right, strategically and with human input to correct false positives/negatives. But what’s next?

We’re planning to drop more posts soon covering all facets of our research which is exciting. Stay tuned.