For many years people have used insights derived from data analytics to solve problems, and today social media analytics tools play a key role in solving a wide range of problems from identifying food safety or supply chain issues to more serious causes for concern like threats to security.

As social media creators/influencers, which large organizations always view themselves as, the focus is on the goal: Creating X campaign to launch on Y should produce Z. Almost as if it’s a mathematical formula like the Pythagorean theorem where the results will always be the same in the end. But what about when outside forces are at play?

This ties back to the main point of this blog post: The real power of social media analytics to solve problems isn’t in gauging the effectiveness of campaigns and showing executives fancy reports, but instead having your finger on the pulse for when issues pop up out of nowhere – and you have the solutions in place to identify then fix them quickly.

Similar to Tetris where you’re looking at the world passing by quickly, the same applies to analyzing conversations on social networks along with all sorts of other platforms to understand what’s actually going on now. Maybe that campaign you just launched is getting tons of negative feedback and you need to act ASAP.

The world of social media may seem magical at times, especially when it comes to extracting actionable insights (e.g. finding problems) in the massive volume of conversations taking place on a daily basis, though that’s what we specialize in and secured a utility patent on.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel. We pinky promise.