As the world changes rapidly it’s exciting to see how we’re always ahead of the curve, and Soteria Intelligence will be announcing new solutions that use our patented deep learning ecosystem to help companies understand what’s around the next turn when it comes to filtering through disinformation and misinformation.

These behaviors aren’t new; only a reincarnation of what the OGs experienced in the past ranging from playing the first online games, being in AOL chat rooms, communicating on message boards (forums) and all sorts of other mediums where those who are emotionally intelligent can gauge the room and see where the cards fall in two ways.

For one, there are people that come together with the intent to share content and amplify ideas that they may believe to be true (because they were shared by people they trust, etc.) where the confidence and inspiration is on the surface. This falls into the disinformation bucket.

On the flip side, there are groups that knowingly create misinformation to purposely deceive others and push ulterior motives. As one example, we have guided a variety of restaurant chains in the past and when a new fried chicken spot opens near competitors it’s clear to see how they play dirty tricks.

The point is, we are living in a new world and Soteria Intelligence is paving the way for the future. Stay tuned.