There are times in our lives when the unthinkable happens ranging from watching epic scenes in The Goonies as kids where we can only imagine the outcomes to nowadays where we have tools to predict them from a mile away.

Similar to the GameStop short squeeze that flopped, we used our patented deep learning ecosystem to detect the Silicon Valley Bank run in the earliest hours and it’s those key nuggets of critical information from social media that can make or break investment firms.

For example, a big spike in conversations related to investors/startups pulling money out of SVB was well-documented on social media before the real wave hit, which we saw firsthand.

Moral of the story: Banks and financial institutions of all sorts (hedge funds, PE firms, VCs, etc.) need social media analytics tools/solutions in place to predict what’s on the horizon before they hit the front door. Use data to make the most informed decisions then continue to adapt in the moment.

This is only a snapshot of our research and there’s much more to come soon.

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