We are living in a world today where everything is fused together ranging from home automation systems to Tesla delivering on the fly updates over the cloud, and looking at the future – whether it comes to business/tech or simply navigating our everyday lives – it’s interesting how the fusion of multiple data points to paint the big picture is most valuable.

Though how do we fuse the key aspects of our daily lives (balancing work, family, unforeseen circumstances, etc.) into a model where everything we care and worry about is integrated, prioritized then checked off the list? It’s not as complicated as it may seem on a personal level, and becomes much more complex when it relates to businesses looking at thousands or millions of data points.

For example, in our daily lives we may be worried about A + B = C while in a business capacity we need to understand the entire alphabet of what’s going on and more. There’s a time to look at the granular and another world where the value of seeing the full scope is more important than anything else.

When it comes to near real time social media analytics related to events, propensity to buy, identifying threats and other metrics our patented deep learning ecosystem is shining now, and it’s exciting to be guiding some of the biggest projects in the world.

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