Like a special forces team parachuting from the digital world down to earth then descending on an objective to solve a specific problem, it’s imperative for companies to have social media crisis management and incident response plans in place that not only implement technology (AI, etc.) to identify issues in the moment, but also provide a way to respond and fix things immediately.

The environment we are living in today is fast-paced, heavily driven by social media and the way it influences others, and having the ability to stay ahead of that is critical. For example, if you’re a global company and know when X happens it will lead to Y or maybe even Z, you better have solutions in place to see X before everything else unfolds so you’re ahead of the game.

And if an incident arises, what is your plan of action to respond? This ties back to social media crisis management as a whole, especially when it comes to dealing with the actual issues and knowing how to do so.

Many times those insights come from listening to others (e.g. analyzing the hundreds or thousands of comments) on an Instagram post/reel, YouTube video, etc. to form a consensus of what’s wrong, the best way to fix it, and ultimately what will make the masses happy.

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