As thought-leaders in the early days when social media threats started to take off up until now, we’ve always been ahead of the curve and this post touches on some of the most common trends we’re seeing now along with what’s to come.

First and foremost, though school/workplace violence along with other social media threats that initially came to light are still prevalent today, another roadblock has emerged related to disinformation and misinformation. Imagine one instance leading to a flood of chaos – some of which has merit and other elements don’t – and that’s one of the biggest threats originating from social media now.

Another trend we’re seeing in 2023 is around the social media influencer marketing space and how those who are easily influenced (or compensated to share messages to influence others) can potentially accelerate and amplify messages that are not only factual.

This ties back to why Instagram used deep learning and more specifically Optical Character Recognition (OCR) during the pandemic to essentially see what’s being said in images (e.g. a photo with text) along with initiatives from Google/YouTube to not only push a video to you based on their algorithms but also justify why you’re seeing it (the integration of Wikipedia + YouTube).

This is only a snapshot of what we’re seeing on the ground level and will be sharing more soon.