Looking at the world and how it evolved over time, especially in recent history, it’s exciting to see how artificial intelligence (deep learning in particular) is totally changing the way we interact on social media, the content we watch on Netflix, results we see in Google and so much more.

This ties back to the data hedge funds, VCs and other investors need to make the most informed decisions in the moment which has been a struggle in the past though we’re solving those problems now.

Up until recently many investors shunned social media as a fad, something irrelevant, a drop in the bucket or however they rationalized it, though time has shown that it’s a force to be reckoned with and neglecting social media analytics can have catastrophic consequences as well as huge upsides.

Whether you manage a hedge fund, family office or venture capital firm you need to think about the impact of social media: How things happening in the moment can affect you (or your existing/future investments) in big ways while having strategies/tech in place to always stay ahead of the game.

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