We are living in a volatile world where companies face social media threats on a daily basis and this post touches on ways to first establish then implement tripwires that alert you when something bad is happening or going to happen.

These types of alerts can range from employees being unhappy in the workplace on a large scale (e.g. at a Fortune 500 company) to more serious threats like food safety issues documented on social media that are making a lot of people sick. Insights around these problems and everything in between are things you need to know in the moment, not after the fact.

Thinking back to being kids, most of us will remember movies like Indiana Jones, The Goonies, scenes in Star Wars, etc. where epic traps were set and once triggered the narrative totally changed. And that’s more critical today than ever before.

Understanding social media activity on a large scale is like thousands of AI robots fidgeting with Rubik’s cubes at the same time while trying to find the magical combinations… And it really comes down to combinations of what?

That’s where understanding social media behaviors and the psychology behind online behaviors as a whole – the key things that make people tick – come into play; particularly around what to look for that paints pictures of intentions which can be anything from showing a propensity to buy a product/service to signs of doing harm in some way.

The moral of the story is that humans are interesting creatures but they’re also predictable in many ways.