This past week we secured 2 wins for law firms that used our social media analytics solutions to prove their position during trials, and in the near future we see how the fusion of AI with the legal industry will continue to become more important. In the meantime, we wanted to share insights around ways social media analytics can be used to win civil trials across the board, and below are someRead More
Sometimes everything in life feels fine and dandy then things come out of nowhere that totally change the game – cell phones, the internet, etc. – that promise a new future, which many people grasp onto, though in the end they didn’t think about or weren’t informed on the potential downsides. This post will hit on that. Going back to the early days of HITL systems, Netflix is a prime example ofRead More
There are foundational parts of our lives that truly make us who we are today and high school along with college play key roles in that, while at the same time create the building blocks of who we’ll be in the future. Of course there will always be mitigating factors and shifts though that’s not the norm. Going back in time to the days of high school, we can all remember goodRead More
Whether you’re in the financial, marketing, security or other spaces and seeing phishing attempts to compete with the bait you have in the water, there will always be sharks lurking around the corner which can apply to a multitude of things ranging from nightmare customers stepping in the door tomorrow to complaints about their chicken sandwich to a former employee doing something catastrophic. The point is, even something as small as aRead More
When most people think of venture capital firms their mind goes towards investments and where they deploy their capital – for example in AI companies – however one of the common questions we get after guiding some of the top VC firms and hedge funds on their deal flow is around how VCs are using AI themselves. Here’s a quick breakdown of what we’re seeing today, including common questions: How is AIRead More
Over the years we have guided a wide variety of financial institutions ranging from venture capitalists to hedge funds with billions of dollars under management, and this post hits on some of the ways social media analytics tools play a key role in the financial space today and will continue to in the future. First and foremost, the old school mentality of looking at the core numbers and performance over time toRead More
We are living in a world that’s driven by social media and unfortunately businesses often find themselves in tough situations where social media isn’t the positive, happy place we all imagine but instead a channel where unhappy customers, former employees, etc. can spill the beans with no filter. And many times that creates threats to businesses whether that relates to their brand reputation or employee safety and so much more. As innovatorsRead More
As old school gamers that remember the early days of the internet and first multiplayer games, it’s interesting to see how nowadays games have evolved from a positive, fun escape from reality to a destination where threats brew like coffee. At the same time, similar to social media, online gaming platforms have become another vehicle for people to communicate but also share hate and deliver threats, which creates worries for everyone fromRead More
Like a winter storm that sweeps through the lands and you suffer due to the cold, there’s a harsh wind blowing and social media threats are not only on the horizon but here to stay. And being innovators in this space going back to the beginning of social media while guiding the biggest companies in the world we thought it would be helpful to highlight what we’re seeing now along with commonRead More
With everything going on in the world the importance of discovering misinformation on social media is critical and this post touches on how finding what’s behind the curtain is key, especially when looking at the intentional smoke and mirrors. The first step to detecting misinformation is really around understanding human behaviors as a whole, and our data along with studies from third parties show that, in a nutshell, how people act onlineRead More
Imagine when you were a kid and went to the circus or other magical adventures that opened your eyes to what’s possible in the world while also instilling supernatural capabilities in the earliest stages of life that gave you the power to think independently and do what’s right while achieving your dreams/goals. For example, going on your first flight and meeting the pilot could’ve changed the entire trajectory of your life whereRead More
The world is a wild place today and years ago we recognized how social media threats related to schools would become a big problem, which pushed us to think outside of the box and create solutions that do the same. Fast forward, social media threats aimed at schools and other innocent groups of people from all walks of life have become commonplace nowadays, though living in a world with such negativity andRead More
The world is experiencing difficult times like conflicts breaking out while at the same time some of the most amazing breakthroughs in humanity that will truly shape the future are taking place now: AI being science fiction at first then becoming reality, MR/VR coming to life, and so much more. And as we explore the future, there are things we are seeing today that have the potential to change the trajectory ofRead More
After attending the Meta Connect event last week and seeing Zuckerberg’s keynote along with all of the other presentations around Llama, Quest 3 demos, etc. it’s exciting to know that AI continues to play a key role in the future, especially when it comes to Generative AI. But what is Generative AI and why is it so important? Essentially, think about having a one-dimensional understanding of a specific topic (X text meansRead More
The world is changing rapidly and it’s exciting to see how the Industrial Revolution paved a path for innovations like AI and now tech like AR/VR is transforming our daily lives – or will in the near future. In the early days we envisioned/patented a deep learning ecosystem where all sights, sounds, behaviors and everything else that’s magical comes together as one, and that recipe is something we’ve been perfecting ever since.Read More
One of the common questions we are asked and also see appearing in Google is around who’s behind Soteria Intelligence and the strategies/technologies they’ve both developed and patented over the years? And this post touches on that. Soteria Intelligence was Founded by Aaron Schoenberger who’s an industry-recognized leader in SEO, social media marketing, reverse engineering algorithms, and understanding behaviors on a global scale to make the world a better place in theRead More
Before social media and smartphones took off the insurance world operated on a different wavelength, and it’s both interesting and exciting to see how social media along with AI and big data in general impacted the insurance industry over time. Moving forward, there are clear ways insurance companies of all types ranging from auto to health, life insurance, etc. can be more informed, see what’s around the next turn, mitigate damages andRead More
As pioneers in the social media threat space with a utility patent on using deep learning (AI) to produce actionable insights from social media along with a wide variety of other data sources, we intimately understand the issues companies are facing today and have launched a new division aimed at providing social media threat training. There are a few things that sparked this initiative and the first one is being afraid ofRead More
Over the years we have guided a wide variety of cases ranging from murder trials where social media played a key role to generating social media insights and expert witness testimony for $250M+ civil disputes, and this post touches on some of the most common questions we get related to social media expert witnesses. What is a social media expert witness? Similar to a brain surgeon that has spent their career studyingRead More
There are times in life when things come out of nowhere and end up changing the world forever, like the Industrial Revolution, and nowadays aspects of our daily lives aren’t only based on man vs machine but also outside factors that fuse everything together. Over the past few months we’ve been researching developments from ChatGPT and Google Bard to better understand their inner workings (X + Y = Z) and this postRead More
We are living in a world today where everything is fused together ranging from home automation systems to Tesla delivering on the fly updates over the cloud, and looking at the future – whether it comes to business/tech or simply navigating our everyday lives – it’s interesting how the fusion of multiple data points to paint the big picture is most valuable. Though how do we fuse the key aspects of ourRead More
Over the past 2 years the financial industry has been turned upside down with people rallying on social media to combat the GameStop short squeeze, signs on social media before the Silicon Valley Bank run and a variety of other game changers we’ve been gathering insights on. And the importance of social media analytics today is similar to how mariners relied on lighthouses in the past to navigate unforeseen obstacles and treacherousRead More
As thought-leaders in the early days when social media threats started to take off up until now, we’ve always been ahead of the curve and this post touches on some of the most common trends we’re seeing now along with what’s to come. First and foremost, though school/workplace violence along with other social media threats that initially came to light are still prevalent today, another roadblock has emerged related to disinformation andRead More
The world is a wild place today and looking back nobody could have imagined social media turning from such a happy, positive environment to negativity, hate, disinformation and misinformation along with so much more. That’s what companies at all levels from startups to Fortune 100s are facing now and need to be aware of. In looking at some of the most common questions we get around social media threats aimed at companies,Read More
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As the world changes rapidly it’s exciting to see how we’re always ahead of the curve, and Soteria Intelligence will be announcing new solutions that use our patented deep learning ecosystem to help companies understand what’s around the next turn when it comes to filtering through disinformation and misinformation. These behaviors aren’t new; only a reincarnation of what the OGs experienced in the past ranging from playing the first online games, beingRead More
There are times in our lives when the unthinkable happens ranging from watching epic scenes in The Goonies as kids where we can only imagine the outcomes to nowadays where we have tools to predict them from a mile away. Similar to the GameStop short squeeze that flopped, we used our patented deep learning ecosystem to detect the Silicon Valley Bank run in the earliest hours and it’s those key nuggets ofRead More
As artificial intelligence continues to take over it should be no surprise that Google’s MUM algorithm and the waves it’s creating will have an everlasting impact on the world as we know it, though AI is still so foreign to many and truly understood by few. In 2023 we anticipate the principles of MUM to be more widely adopted: Essentially taking a multimodal or multidimensional approach to understanding everything in life whetherRead More
Yet again we are faced with a new year and many unknowns, though one thing we know based on our research is that social media threats will continue to rise in 2023 and expand even more. And the proliferation of extreme behaviors today is many times driven by social media activity from the past. When threats first started to pop up on social media they were crafted by people on the fringesRead More
The world of artificial intelligence has evolved rapidly over the years and it’s interesting to see how Human-in-the-Loop systems continue to play an integral role in algorithms implemented by Instagram and other social networks along with the world as a whole. Looking at having the ability to add Topics to Instagram reels in particular, what’s the reasoning behind it and how does this functionality create value? We’ll explain. First and foremost, goingRead More
Our team has spent over 20 years guiding some of the biggest companies in the world on social media initiatives and unfortunately while on those journeys we noticed the dark side of social networks, what’s hiding behind the scenes, and ultimately what’s looming on the horizon. Social media threats come in all shapes and sizes ranging from the normal Yelp reviews about a restaurant’s food/service where someone was expecting to pay $15Read More
Think about living in a glass house where the smallest storm can wreak havoc and that’s exactly what companies are facing today in the world of social media: One rogue post snowballs then impacts sales, brand reputation, market caps, etc. So how do you protect your brand’s reputation by staying ahead of the curve and solving problems proactively? It’s all about understanding what’s happening in the moment while having the strategies andRead More
When social media first entered the world it was an innocent place where people could digitally connect, discuss common interests, build online communities and in many ways develop a support system. Though with the progression of social media and behaviors becoming aggressive/threatening, the times have truly changed. And unfortunately, both the mentality of social media users and the social media analytics tools used today just aren’t prepared for the future, and that’sRead More
Like a special forces team parachuting from the digital world down to earth then descending on an objective to solve a specific problem, it’s imperative for companies to have social media crisis management and incident response plans in place that not only implement technology (AI, etc.) to identify issues in the moment, but also provide a way to respond and fix things immediately. The environment we are living in today is fast-paced,Read More
Looking at the world and how it evolved over time, especially in recent history, it’s exciting to see how artificial intelligence (deep learning in particular) is totally changing the way we interact on social media, the content we watch on Netflix, results we see in Google and so much more. This ties back to the data hedge funds, VCs and other investors need to make the most informed decisions in the momentRead More
The world is an interesting place that is rapidly evolving over time and we have to think positive and focus on solutions, which is what sparked our research aimed at solving problems around school shootings/violence over the past 20 years. In the early days social media was a destination to connect with people with common interests then it transformed into a different animal, including people posting signs before bad things happen. WeRead More
The world is an interesting place today where social media drives everything from happiness to tragedy and having the ability to understand social media conversations on a large scale then find needles in haystacks is critical, especially when it relates to class action lawsuits where hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars are at stake. And after guiding a wide variety of high-profile cases covered in all of the major newsRead More
The world today is a wild place and social media plays a key role in our everyday lives ranging from who we keep in touch with, the products we buy, restaurants we gravitate towards, etc. as well as providing a forum for people to express their opinions, dissatisfaction and sometimes post threats that can impact businesses in a big way. Getting ahead of negative conversations is absolutely critical, especially before they becomeRead More
We are living in a volatile world where companies face social media threats on a daily basis and this post touches on ways to first establish then implement tripwires that alert you when something bad is happening or going to happen. These types of alerts can range from employees being unhappy in the workplace on a large scale (e.g. at a Fortune 500 company) to more serious threats like food safety issuesRead More
Like Inspector Gadget or Sherlock Holmes performing investigations that lead to epic crimes being solved ranging from cookie bandits to global intellectual property infringement cases nowadays, we are living in a world where social media data changes the game and having access to those insights in near real-time is critical. Thinking about projects we’ve guided in the past ranging from identifying food safety issues on social media to prevent people from gettingRead More
For many years people have used insights derived from data analytics to solve problems, and today social media analytics tools play a key role in solving a wide range of problems from identifying food safety or supply chain issues to more serious causes for concern like threats to security. As social media creators/influencers, which large organizations always view themselves as, the focus is on the goal: Creating X campaign to launch onRead More