Almost daily we are reminded of just how important social media threat intelligence is ranging from incidents that spiral out of control and end up impacting corporations in a variety of ways to insights gleaned from social media that can help prevent issues from occurring in the future, such as detecting product defects early on.

At Soteria Intelligence, we’ve made it our mission to develop the most cutting edge social media threat intelligence technologies available today with the goal of giving companies more clarity into what’s going on in the world around them.

Using a blend of deep learning and machine learning along with proprietary algorithms and software, we have created a true marriage between man and machine where subject-matter experts train supercomputers to become more intelligent and effective at analyzing data than any human could ever be, which is exciting.

Detecting false positives, understanding sarcasm, utilizing historical data on past threats to help predict the future, and more – these are the complex problems the Soteria Intelligence team has worked so hard to solve.