Soteria Intelligence is working on ways to change the world by revolutionizing the way social media threats are identified, assessed and countered using artificial intelligence, proprietary algorithms, along with other secret sauce.

Our team of social media experts, technology pioneers and retired personnel from local and federal law enforcement agencies is quickly expanding, and we’re currently looking to bring on new data scientists, software engineers, and programmers with experience in Java/XML.


  • Play key role in cutting edge research and development of social media threat assessment technologies
  • Think outside of the box to find innovative ways to generate actionable intelligence from large sets of data (both structured and unstructured)
  • Build an intimate knowledge of social media trends to understand the environment today, and also tomorrow.

Due to the sensitivity of some of the projects we’re working on, in-depth descriptions of the roles we’re looking to fill cannot be provided, however if you have extensive experience and are interested in our mission, please CONTACT US today for additional information.