If you are in high school or college and have heard all of the buzz around Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, there’s a good chance you’re intrigued by the technology and have considered taking courses or maybe even getting a degree in AI whether it’s machine learning, deep learning or other subsets of the field. And if you haven’t considered it, you must!

In this day and age AI, more specifically machine and deep learning, guide many facets of everyday life but you don’t even know it, which is exciting. For example, if you’re an iPhone X user every time you look at the phone and it unlocks you’re unknowingly training deep learning models. Also, when you run Google searches machine learning algorithms are learning about what’s being searched for to produce better results in the future. This is all really cool stuff.

Looking forward, AI will continue to become more valuable by the day and below are 3 reasons why students should take courses – or even just one class – on the valuable technology that will continue to change the world.

Huge Demand, Salaries  

The demand for AI talent is through the roof with large organizations struggling to staff up. At the same time, schools throughout the country are rolling out more and more AI courses/programs to position students for success after they graduate. If you have AI skills and are good at what you do, there’s a high-paying job for you.

Help Shape the World

As mentioned earlier in this post, AI is going to live on for many years to come and have a very profound impact on the world. Don’t you want to be a part of that? I know we do.

Solving Problems is Rewarding

Since many of the most revolutionary advancements in AI, such as deep learning, have come to fruition in recent years we as humans are in a position to find real-world problems that can be solved using them. And because there’s no roadmap saying do X to achieve Y for every application of AI, you have the power to explore and create solutions, which is personally rewarding. Challenges are fun.

At Soteria Intelligence, we have a passion for technology and have spent many years living/breathing artificial intelligence – and we couldn’t be happier! We believe you younger tech folks will feel the same if you embrace AI with open arms.